Will I be required to complete all assignments if I am auditing a course?
If auditing a course, students will have to meet the University’s audit requirement, which is either 80% participation or an equivalency as determined by the instructor.

Can I take a course outside of my discipline?
So long as the academic department approves the request to take a course outside of the alumni’s previous degree program at CGU.

If I need to drop a course, but don’t want to lose my benefit, how soon do I need to drop?
By the add/drop date of the given semester.

Will this be a taxable “gift” that is given to me?
No, the tuition benefit is a non-taxable benefit.

Can I take two 2-unit courses, instead of one 4-unit course?
Yes, the benefit covers up to 4 units, either for credit or an audit basis. This can be used on one 4-unit course or two 2-unit courses.

Can I use the 4 free units across multiple semesters with two 2-unit courses?
No, the 4 free units must be used in the same semester.

What happens if I need to drop a course mid-semester?
Withdrawal following the add/drop deadline results in a failed audit or W (withdraw) for the credit-bearing option. This is considered enrollment and usage of the benefit.

Will I also get additional audit units for 50% off?
Yes, the University’s existing audit benefit of 50% off will extend to the additional 8 units after the first 4 for free. These additional 8 units can only be pursued on an audit-basis. Any credit-bearing courses would have to be taken as part of a new CGU degree or certificate program.

How do I start the process to receive this benefit?
Please contact the Office of Alumni Engagement to begin the process.

Who is the main contact for this benefit?
The main campus offices administering this benefit are the Office of Alumni Engagement and the Office of Admissions. The process begins with the Office of Alumni Engagement and is completed through the Office of Admissions.

What courses can I take?
The Office of Alumni Engagement will advertise a pre-approved list of available courses prior to each semester. Alumni will be able to choose from these courses on a first-come, first-served basis. Please keep in mind that most courses will have enrollment caps and may not be available depending on the timing of the alumni request.

Will this benefit expire, and if so, when?
This benefit is part of a new pilot program from the University. It is due to expire at the end of the spring semester 2022. If you do not use the benefit by then, the University is unable to guarantee future use after the spring 2022 semester.