Alumni Enrollment in Courses

  • Enrollment must be finalized by the first day of the semester (unless an exception is granted by the course instructor).
  • Apply via Slate application system by working with program admissions representative as determined by the Office of Admissions.
  • Alumni are limited to no more than 4 units of free tuition on an alumni registration basis. These four units must be used in the same semester. Beyond that, students should return to CGU as a student in a new degree program. Refer to CGU instructions regarding Admission.
  • This benefit is only available to alumni enrolling as non-degree seeking students. Alumni who wish to have the units apply to a subsequent degree at CGU must apply for a new degree program in a semester following the one in which they utilize this benefit.

Alumni Tuition and Fees

  • A 100% discount off the current per unit rate applies, provided the total number of enrolled units in the semester is 4 units or less.
  • A 50% discount still applies to 8 additional units on an audit-basis only.
  • The CGU Student Fee/Technology Fee will be waived for the 4 free units.
  • Department aid is not available for non-degree seeking students.
  • Refunds, if any, are based upon Add/Drop deadlines posted in the Academic Calendar.

Note: Per federal requirements, financial aid is NOT available to alumni and students in non-degree programs, such as Certificate programs.

Alumni Transcript Records

The CGU transcript is an official record of an individual’s enrollment at the University. When an alumnus is enrolled for courses in a new term, the term is created on the student’s transcript and the course or courses recorded, similar to other CGU courses taken by the student. All grades received are factored into the student’s GPA.