The safest university event is a virtual university event. Not only does a virtual event eliminate the possibility of infection for its participants, but it also allows for unrestricted access to the event. Therefore, the university recommends virtual events rather than on-the-ground events.

If an on-the-ground event is unavoidable, strict adherence to county public health guidelines must be followed. Please note that the guidance may change.

From the L.A. County Department of Public Health website:

Given the continuing increase in community transmission of COVID-19 and the growing presence of the more easily spread Delta variant of the COVID-19 virus, masking in all indoor public settings, venues, gatherings, and public and private businesses and at outdoor Mega Events, regardless of vaccination status, is essential to slowing the spread of COVID-19 in the community. The Delta variant of the COVID-19 virus spreads much more easily than strains of the virus that circulated in L.A. in the past.

Planning and Managing a CGU On-Ground Event


  • If possible, offer online attendance options in addition to in-person attendance.
  • Create an RSVP list in advance of the event. Discourage walk-in participation.
  • In creating an RSVP list (we suggest using EventBrite or another RSVP application), capture names, email addresses, and affiliations (CGU faculty, staff, student, or guest) on the RSVP.
  • Be sure to clearly communicate essential information to event attendees:
    • Must be approved to visit campus to attend CGU event
    • All attendees expected to follow CGU protocols
    • Do not attend event if feeling ill
    • Non-CGU community attendees must follow visitor policy
  • Visitors to campus must be vaccinated. If the event is held during regular office hours (8:30 am – 5:00 pm), all non-CGU guests must first stop at the Admissions House, sign in, show proof of COVID-19 vaccination, and receive a visitor’s badge. (LINK TO VISITOR POLICY)
  • For after-hours events, plan to have a station at the event for checking CGU IDs. If a person has a CGU ID and does not appear on the compliant list you received from the Dean of Students or Human Resources, that person is not cleared by the university to participate in CGU on-ground events. In addition, non-CGU guests must show proof of COVID-19 vaccination.
  • In addition, all attendees should be asked to assess their health before attending the event. Request that they do not come to campus if they do not feel well or exhibit any cold, flu, or COVID-19 symptoms. Visitors must adhere to CGU policies, such as wearing a mask while indoors.


  • Whenever possible, plan on-the-ground events for an outdoor setting.
  • Wherever you hold your event, on campus or off, adherence to CGU COVID policies is required.


  • Limit in-person attendance or seating capacity to allow for physical distancing or host smaller events in larger spaces.
  • Use multiple entrances and exits and discourage crowded waiting areas.
  • Change the seating layout or availability of seating so that people can remain socially distanced.
  • Avoid lines or queues. If that is not possible, encourage people to stay a safe distance apart, typically an arm’s length.
  • Discourage people from sharing items that are difficult to clean, sanitize, or disinfect. For example, don’t share a common pen for sign-in sheets. Instead, offer pens as take-away swag.
  • Provide plenty of sterile wipes and hand sanitizers at the event location.


  • Indoor event participants must all wear masks.
  • Unvaccinated individuals are required to wear a mask at outdoor events. While not required, vaccinated personnel are encouraged to wear a mask while participating in outdoor CGU events. Please practice distancing at outdoor events.
  • Masks may be removed briefly to enjoy refreshments but must be restored shortly after that.


  • According to the L.A. County Department of Public Health, serving refreshments at events is approved within their Food and Beverage Services Guidelines. Review them here as they can change frequently.
  • Use common sense when offering refreshments to keep everyone, including the event’s staff, safe.


  • Request proof of vaccination in advance from any guest speaker or panelist from outside CGU.
  • Provide them in advance CGU’s COVID procedures and advise them that we expect their compliance with the procedures.


  • Encourage unvaccinated persons or concerned guests to participate virtually when the event is hybrid in presentation.
  • In any invitation, suggest that guests become familiar with CGU’s COVID procedures.
  • In advance of the event, clearly request that any participant who is not feeling well stay home.
  • All CGU participants must submit a COVID Health Check Screening before arriving on campus.


  • Wash your hands frequently. Use hand sanitizer. Avoid touching your face.