The Provost’s Office and academic deans and directors will work with faculty members to support the variety of instructional modalities offered to students this fall.


Campus Access

Faculty have access to their offices Monday through Friday during business hours (8:30-5) and are expected to follow the procedures for visiting campus, and to request cleaning services for frequent use using the facilities request system, Maximo or contact facilities.

Vaccination/Screening Requirements

Vaccinations are the best defense against COVID-19.

CGU requires the COVID-19 vaccine for students, staff, and faculty. Proof of vaccination must be submitted at least two weeks prior to your return. Free COVID-19 vaccines are available from the Student Health Services at TCCS for all CGU community members.

Faculty members are asked to upload a copy of their vaccine card to Human Resources. Those choosing not to receiving a COVID-19 vaccination for medical or religious reasons are asked to file an exemption form with Human Resources. Vaccination cards and exemption forms will be kept confidential and are not included in personnel files.

Faculty members that request an exemption from vaccination will be required to participate in COVID-19 testing at a regular frequency. Testing will take place at Student Health Services. The complete testing process – from sample to result is approximately 15 minutes. Testing should be completed before the beginning of your workday.

Face Coverings

CGU will follow the CDC and county public health department guidance regarding the usage of face coverings. All CGU community members may choose to wear face coverings at any time.


Teaching & Learning

Course Planning

In addition to courses taught entirely online, all classes that have an in-person component should be delivered in a hybrid format in which students can access all material either in person or remotely. Instructors are encouraged to visit the Academic Continuity for Faculty information page for information and resources.

Communicating with Students

The CGU Class Schedule is being updated to reflect which courses will be offered online and which need to be taught in person. It is strongly recommended that faculty reach out to students enrolled in each class, describing to them how the class will be offered and what special advice, if any, the instructor can offer before the class begins.

In-Person Office Hours

Faculty will not be required to offer in-person office hours or support. Faculty and students are encouraged to utilize Zoom videoconferencing for one-to-one discussions.

Recording Classes

All faculty are required to record their sessions to allow students to access the information asynchronously. Please visit the Academic Continuity for Faculty page for further guidance on how to record and access class sessions. Please review the new Zoom/Videoconference policy for information on how to support the safety and security of remote instruction using conferencing tools.


Faculty should post all class materials to the Canvas course sites for access by students. Faculty are encouraged to distribute all material via electronic means – even if sessions are held on campus. Please avoid the production and distribution of paper handouts.

Instructional Spaces

We are reviewing all spaces in which instruction can take place in a manner that allows for proper social distancing. In addition to our standard indoor classrooms, the university is planning to use outdoor spaces that could effectively be used as classroom space.

Use of In-Class Equipment

Faculty are asked to utilize their assigned technology and equipment when inside the classroom to avoid surface contamination. This includes computers, tablets, and white board markers/erasers. When using room-based/shared equipment, please be mindful of proper handling and cleaning protocols. Wipes in each classroom will be available to clean equipment between users.

All classrooms will be equipped with cameras and associated audio equipment to support a hybrid class operation.

Classroom Cleaning Procedures

All classroom facilities will be cleaned between each usage of the room. Additionally, cleaning and sanitizing solutions will be permanently located in each classroom. Faculty and students may utilize the cleaning products for additional cleaning, as needed.

Shared spaces

Buildings and shared spaces will be cleaned daily. Anyone using shared spaces and/or equipment such as printers, copiers, appliances, etc., should be mindful of proper handling and cleaning protocols. Cleaning stations are being installed in many shared areas.


Campus Procedures


During the campus shutdown, all buildings on campus have been cleaned and sanitized. Enhanced cleaning procedures will remain in place when employees and students return to campus. Sanitation stations are being installed in classrooms and other high-volume areas.

Face Coverings

CGU will follow the CDC and county public health department guidance regarding the usage of face coverings. All CGU community members may choose to wear face coverings at any time.

Standard Health & Safety

Everyone is encouraged to follow the health and safety guidelines shared by the CDC and the Public Health Department.



The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continues to recommend that individuals avoid out-of-state non-essential travel because travel increases your chance of getting and spreading COVID-19. However, because fully vaccinated travelers are less likely to get and spread COVID-19, persons who are fully vaccinated can now travel provided they take precautions and follow safety recommendations.

CGU is committed to supporting essential travel that advances faculty members’ research, education, and professional opportunities. At the same time, faculty travel during the pandemic poses unique personal and social responsibilities and logistical challenges. As global citizens, we each have a responsibility to the communities we visit and live within, and we are each responsible for the impact of our actions. While CGU is not encouraging faculty to travel at this time, nor are we representing that travel is safe, we recognize that individual faculty may decide that travel is essential to their professional work and choose to travel. Faculty are expected to comply with any conditions imposed on travel by the U.S. Department of State; CDC ; State of California, LA County.

CGU is instituting a checklist that is designed to help you make informed, responsible decisions, prior to traveling. Completion of this checklist is required for receiving reimbursement for University-sponsored travel, and will be available shortly on our covid emergency website. The loosening of these restrictions is a positive sign of improving conditions which we hope will continue as we gradually reopen campus in the months ahead.



Feeling Ill

Any employee that feels ill or has any symptoms aligned with COVID-19 should not come to campus. Please contact your doctor for advice and possible testing.

View current CDC guidelines on what to do if you feel ill.