Danielle Riccardo

MBA, Claremont Graduate University (BUS) 2022
BA, University of California at Santa Barbara (GINTL) 2018

My goal is to continuously cultivate and facilitate the production of meaningful content.

Social Media & Communications Strategist 

Hello CGU Community! My name is Danielle Riccardo, I am a first-year MBA candidate at the Drucker School of Management, and I am so excited to be serving as the Graduate Student Council’s Social Media & Communications Strategist. 

Since joining the CGU family, I have embraced the mutual pursuit of academic excellence, social responsibility, and inclusivity. As we navigate through this new normal, I want to help our community find new ways to connect, grow, and thrive. I have been brought on to help launch the use of technology to transform our current student council and graduate community into a more student-focused organization by creating a virtual community. My mission is to support the council and the student body by helping provide a system of streamlined information, foster an environment that welcomes virtual interfaces, and create a supportive platform for students to voice their concerns, news, and goals. 

Throughout my academic and professional career, I have produced different mediums of social media, marketing, and written content. My experience consists of a mixture of creative opportunities and technical training. I have served as Creative Director, Marketing Chair, Content Writer & Coordinator; my background comes from a blend of technical and creative fields.

I have written for newspapers, led commercial, municipal, and federal solicitations, designed media and marketing campaigns for organizations while at UCSB. In the past, I have created and managed content for a professional fraternity, numerous TEDx events, newspapers, and an engineering firm. Upon completion of my MBA, I intend to be a content and marketing manager who not only creates but helps others manage their creations.