Take Note

CGU students get discounts at various businesses in the village. Acme Dry Cleaning and Some Crust are just a few. Most businesses will have some signage on their window for student discounts, but if not it doesn’t hurt to ask.

CGU students have access to the dining commons at the other 5C’s. Some only take Claremont Cash or only take Visa, so be sure to have some Claremont Cash (roughly $7-9/person) loaded and a visa card at your disposal. Collins Dining Hall at CMC and Scripps Dining Hall are nationally ranked, so if you get the chance check them out.

Manage your Claremont Cash here: https://cards.services.claremont.edu/

Popular Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact the GSC?

You can email the general email account at president.gsc@cgu.edu. Individual member emails can be found on the GSC Home page in the right-hand bar. 

How do I join a committee?

Email the GSC at president.gsc@cgu.edu or email the committee chair directly

How do I become a GSC member?

If there is an open position on the GSC in your school, please email president.gsc@cgu.edu with your request to join

How do I add an item to the agenda?

Email the GSC President at president.GSC@cgu.edu with the request. Please give us 48 hours advance notice if possible.

Why is GSC important for Professional Development?

From the First Year Experience Blog:

My name is Nicole A. Dawson and I am a 2021 MBA candidate at the Drucker School of Management. I am currently serving as a representative of the Drucker School of Management and serve as the Chair of the Student Affairs Committee.

As an MBA student at the Drucker School of Management and a Representative of the Drucker School, I find that GSC has offered a huge professional development aspect to students that decide to get involved. For example, by serving on a committee or leading a committee you get great leadership experience in understanding how an organization works. You’re able to manage people, expectations, and overall, how to organize tasks in order to execute them. I have learned so much about how to be a leader but also how to contribute in a meaningful way as a committee chair and representative. You’re also able to learn how to work with others which, in my opinion, is the biggest professional development takeaway. Learning how to work with others in a GSC setting means that you can learn how to contribute, help your team and learn about the best ways to manage conflict or differences of opinions in a learning environment where consequences are not that you’ll lose your job or be fired but that you’ll learn so that you can apply these learnings outside of GSC and in your course work at CGU and beyond.

Another huge professional takeaway I have learned from getting involved in GSC is how to contribute in a meaningful way. At times throughout your career, you will enter an organization and feel a bit lost about how you can make the most impact. The key to doing this is to look at the organization, speak to others and find areas that you can contribute. When I first joined GSC I saw that it was a well-oiled machine but I saw ways for me to contribute like making sure that I helped to organize and standardize our committee duties or using my knowledge of social media to help other committee chairs. The way that I contribute looks small but some of my contribution to GSC will be used going forward as best practices. So, know that you don’t have to be elected as the president or vice president to impact change and contribute, it’s about using your strengths to make the organization better- this is something you’ll have to do in your career but it’s also something that you’ll get to practice doing in GSC.

Why Student Leadership? 

From the First Year Experience Blog:

My name is Arline Votruba and I am the 2020-2021 GSC Vice President. I am a Ph.D. student in the Cultural Studies Department in the School of Arts and Humanities.   

The Graduate Student Council serves the CGU student body as direct liaisons between our students and the CGU Administration. The GSC membership participates in regular meetings and committee sessions centered on informing students about CGU and 7 Cs resources as well as promoting upcoming events. Additionally, if you ever have a question or concern that you do not feel empowered to raise with CGU faculty or administration, the GSC serves as a touchstone for you to communicate those issues with. From there, the GSC will connect with the proper channels in order to make sure your voice is heard. We are a student-run organization with the key goal of advocating for students to ensure their success at CGU. 

All students are invited to all GSC General Meetings, so please join us to see what we are all about. 

Getting involved with GSC provides students 

  • opportunities to develop leadership skills 
  • experience collaborating within an organization 
  • a chance to give back to the larger CGU student body