PhD, Claremont University (CISAT), 2022
MBA, Pepperdine University, (BUS) 2016
MS, California State University, LA, (BIO)
BS, University California Los Angles, (BCH)

“My hope is to work with a group of students who share a common goal to push the CGU brand within the 7Cs and also to create both academic and entrepreneurial opportunities for CGU graduates.  Through our hard work, our pursuit of knowledge, and perseverance, let us all embody our Claremont motto of Many Flames, One Light.”

Cynthia (Cindy) Cheng

Cynthia (Cindy) Cheng is a PhD student, studying within the CISAT program, with an emphasis is on Data Science and IT Innovation. Prior to CGU, Cindy was an R&D Scientist in the Biotechnology field focusing on infectious disease, cancer diagnostics, and digital health.

After years of working in R&D, Cindy went back to business school and transitioned to more business-oriented roles including customer support, marketing, and sales at different companies, and eventually built a little side gig as a business and analytics consultant. What really sparked her interest in the GSC secretary role is the opportunity to share my experience with the CGU community.

As the interim GSC Secretary, Cindy has worked very to ensure that everyone’s voices are heard and captured in this very complex world with constant changes. With all these voices, Cindy has helped the CGU to prioritize and build an open and innovative environment where ideas flourish not only within the buildings but also shared digitally.