Trip Reduction Incentive Program for Faculty and Staff

If you walk, bicycle, carpool or use public transit, and you are a benefits-based employee, you are eligible to participate.

TRiP Incentives

  • $2.00 per day of participation.
  • CGU will pay up to $95.00 for a monthly Metrolink pass. Pass must be purchased directly by CGU to qualify.


  • Carpool matching service: Call Human Resources, Ext. 72461, or 1-800-COMMUTE for areawide matches
  • Reserved parking for carpool drivers
  • Contact us for a carpool-parking permit
  • Guaranteed ride home for carpool riders in emergency situations

More information

  • For all public transit information, call 1-800-COMMUTE
  • For other information or a participation form, contact Dana Kaiser, Ext. 77866.

Download Rideshare Form