Survey Overview

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) and the Office of Institutional Research (IR) regularly conduct surveys to support CGU’s ongoing improvement, quality control, and decision making, and provides data and institutional information for a variety of external entities and stakeholders. We also assist members of the CGU community with survey review and planning.

Regularly-conducted internal surveys include:







Student Satisfaction and Climate Survey All students OIE Every year Fall 2021 (Nov.) Fall 2022
Degree Completion Survey All students upon degree completion OIE Every semester Ongoing Ongoing
Faculty Climate Survey All core faculty OIE Every 2 years 2022 Spring 2024-25
Withdrawal Survey students withdrew from the university Registrar &  OIE Every semester Ongoing Ongoing
Staff Climate Survey All staff HR & OIE Every 2 years 2017 2022-23
Alumni Survey Alumni OAE & OIE Every 5 years 2021 2025-26
Course Evaluations All students OIE Every semester Ongoing Ongoing
Fall 2020 Student Survey on Online Transition All students OIE&OIT One Time 2020 Fall & 2021 Spring  N/A


Survey Support

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness promotes the effective use of information to enhance evidence-based decision-making.

Surveys include questionnaires, focus groups, or interviews, and are all important data sources. All surveys intended for distribution to members of the CGU community (faculty, staff, students, alumni, trustees, or other members) require review by the OIE using the procedures described here. Our goal is to ensure that the number of surveys members from our campus community receive are limited and minimally overlap with each other, that regulatory requirements set forth by FERPA and the code of ethics adopted by the Association for Institutional Research are followed, and that the aim of the survey administration is consistent with the university’s mission and priorities. Acceptance of authorization to administer a survey establishes an obligation on the part of the researcher to use the data responsibly.

OIE will support survey efforts moving forward in the following ways:

  • Provide review and feedback on survey instruments and the questions they are designed to answer.
  • Serve as a repository for survey instruments used across schools and units.
  • Provide data analysis and report writing support, if appropriate.
  • Maintain a calendar of survey initiatives across campus.

To obtain approval to distribute a survey to a member of the CGU community, complete the attached form and send it to

Other Survey Information


The following types of surveys do not require review and approval by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness:

· Course Evaluations conducted by academic departments

· Faculty and student research, including assignments and classroom assessment techniques (but see below regarding Institutional Review Board)

· Academic program evaluations that utilize surveys for collecting evidence

· Institutional elections or voting


IRB approval is required for all faculty and student research involving human subjects. For more information see the IRB pages of the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.


Additional information on FERPA.

Additional information on codes of ethics for survey research.