International Scholars Program

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Marcus Weakley, PhD

Academic English Preparation Courses

All international students can benefit from additional preparation for the unique context and demands of the North American graduate classroom. By graduate school, students are expected to meet and exceed the well-established conventions of their fields, and our ISP Preparation Courses cover many of these topics while simultaneously improving students’ written, oral, and aural academic English. The courses are taught in a convenient online asynchronous modality, so students can work through the course content at any time, from anywhere. Students can take one or both courses, and optional one-on-one synchronous sessions with ISP staff are included in the price. Writing consultations at the Center for Writing & Rhetoric also complement the curriculum, so these can be set up for any interested student, also at no additional charge.

To register for ISP 202 and/or ISP 203, email

  • ISP 202: Graduate Writing & Research for International Students ($750)

This course is specifically designed for non-native English speaking international students to develop their understanding of North American academic writing and research. Students be introduced to essential topics in academic writing, such as analyzing and integrating previous literature, commenting on data, maintaining cohesion and coherence, and developing introductions, theses, and research questions. Students will also write a portion of their own research projects by learning how to identify major issues in research design and interpret data through a paradigm. Through various writing assignments, students will further develop their academic English language proficiency to participate effectively in graduate classes and utilize those skills for higher-level conceptual learning.

  • ISP 203: Graduate Listening & Speaking for International Students ($750)

This course is specifically designed for non-native English speaking international students to develop their listening, speaking, and presenting skills. Students will learn strategies for using the specialized vocabularies of their fields and other skills in development of their aural/oral literacy while attending to topics like the American graduate education culture and work environment, the rationale and practice of group work, and the use of critical and analytical thinking skills. Through the practice of short “pitches” for formal and informal academic speaking contexts, students will improve their understanding and ability to contribute to class discussions, work with professors during office hours, and present formally during class.

ISP Pathways Program

The International Scholars Program offers  pathways program for students who test below the direct entry requirements of their program. Depending on your score, you will be required to enter at either Tier1 or Tier 2 (see chart below). When you achieve a grade of B (83%) or better in all of the courses in your tier, you will proceed to the next tier. All courses are asynchronous with synchronous components; therefore, the program can be completed entirely from a students’ home country and on their own schedule. For students who would like to a portion of the program in-person, options are available. Upon successful completion of the International Scholars Program, you will proceed to your graduate program of study.


Tier 1 Tier 2
Start date must be during a module 1 Any time during a module 1 or 2
TOEFL iBT 75-84 / IELTS 6.0-6.4 / Pearson PTE 50-57 TOEFL iBT 85-94 / IELTS 6.5-7.0 / Pearson PTE 58-65

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Requirements & Schedule