Upon invitation to study, research, or teach at the Claremont Colleges, please submit,

  • The J-1 Request for a DS-2019,
  • The invitation or admission letter from the academic department
  • copy of your passport page (and any dependents, if applicable) to your host campus RO/ARO.
  • If your stay will not be financed by the Claremont Colleges, you will also need to submit proof of financial capability with your request form.  

To have your visa documents shipped directly to you, please purchase a shipment label through UEMS Eship Global. CGU uses a convenient express mail services that will allow you to pay for and receive your documents through DHL, UPS or FedEx within 5-7 business days. THIS IS REQUIRED for all students and scholars who want their DS-2019 shipped. To set up an account, please visit UEMS Eship Global website. For more information, go to the FORMS section under Quick Links. 

Once you receive your DS-2019 immigration form, and pay the SEVIS I-901 fee (required of all J-1 students and scholars), you may apply for your J-1 visa at the U.S. Embassy/Consulate in your home country. Citizens of Canada and Bermuda do not have to apply for a J-1 visa. To find the closest US Embassy or Consulate office, in addition to the appointment wait time, please click here.