PeopleSoft does not officially support printing pages in browsers. In PT 8.51, to print PeopleSoft target areas, please follow the instructions listed below.

Internet Explorer (IE):

  1.  Navigate to any PeopleSoft page.
  2. In IE, right mouse click on page and choose “Select All”
  3. In IE, select File -> Print Preview
  4. In IE Print Preview window, in dropdown, choose “As selected on screen” and “100%”. When trying to print pages from the Student Information System (PeopleSoft), please use the following work around techniques to print pages while using the following browser(s). File, Print Preview Adjust the change print size page view from “Shrink to Fit” to 100%.


Navigate to the desired page that you would like to print, right click on the page, select “This Frame” and select “Print Frame.”