Printing in the Computer Labs

Each lab has a black & white printer and a color printer for your printing needs.  There is a charge for printing your documents in the computer labs: $0.08 for black & white, $0.25 for color.

Students can pay for their printing by depositing money onto their CGU student ID card and then swiping their student ID card at the printer.  Instructions on how to pay at the printer are posted next to the printer in each lab.  You can also click here to see the instructions.  For more information on how to deposit money on your CGU student ID card, please visit the Card Center web page at

** For instructions on how to use the printers in the computer labs to print from your own laptop while on the CGU campus, please scroll further down this web page. **

Please note that the Honnold Library uses a different system to charge for printing.  While you can swipe your CGU student ID card to pay for printing in the Library, credit on your CGU printing account cannot be used to pay for printing in the Library.

Copiers are available for your use in the Honnold Library.  Please visit the Library’s Copy Center web page for more information.

If you need to print large posters, you can do so at the Library’s Copy Center, or use the Duplicating Services on the Pomona campus.  Please visit the Duplicating Services’ web page on Pomona’s website for more information..

Printing from your personally owned laptop

Students who work on their own laptop while on the CGU campus can use the printers in the CGU computer labs to print documents from their laptop.  There are a few things to keep in mind when printing from your personally owned laptop.

  • your laptop must be connected to our wireless network; click here for instructions on how to connect to our wireless network
  • you must have money on your CGU ID card to pay for your print outs; visit for more information on adding money to your CGU ID card
  • you must visit the computer lab to which you sent your print job in order to pay for and pick up your print outs; we cannot guarantee that your print job will stay in que or your print outs will stay on the printer for an extended amount of time

Click here for detailed instructions on how to print from a personally owned laptop while on the CGU campus.