By only telling the University Ombudsperson your situation, you have not formally notified any University official of your conflict, dispute or complaint. In order for the University to take action to remedy your conflict, dispute or complaint, you must share it with someone who represents the University. The Ombudsperson does not represent the University and therefore cannot receive formal complaints.

Meeting with the Ombudsperson does not affect your ability to pursue formal complaints. The Ombudsperson can help you find the appropriate person to speak to in order to request that the University take some action, if that is what you want. Important rights may be affected by the actual date when formal action is initiated and/or when CGU is informed of allegedly wrongful behavior, and in some situations, you may wish to consult with an attorney regarding your rights.

The Ombudsperson will resist being called to testify as a witness in any formal or legal proceedings to reveal confidential communications. The Ombuds Office also does not maintain any permanent records of individual matters

Notice: The CGU Ombuds Office is currently vacant.

Thank you for your patience as the search is conducted. See job posting here.

Campus members may want to consider the Dean of Students Office, Human Resources, or TCCS Security for assistance. These resources, however, may not be confidential.

CGU employees may seek confidential assistance from Optum (Employee Assistance Program) and can find more information here.

CGU students may seek confidential assistance from Monsour Counseling and Psychological Services and can find more information here.

CGU employees and students can find more information about reporting a concern here.

Dispute Resolution and Mediation Services for the CGU Community

The University Ombudsperson offers a range of dispute resolution assistance for CGU students, faculty, staff and administrators. The Ombudsperson helps individuals identify options for fair and equitable outcomes, and fosters civility and mutual respect. The Ombudsperson is confidential, independent, neutral and informal.

If you have concerns but do not know where to begin, the Ombudsperson will listen and help you to move forward.

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Further information about the CGU Ombuds Office:

Ombuds Office Brochure
Report on the Establishment of the CGU Ombuds Office