Here are frequently asked questions about the PFF College Teaching Certificate and courses. If you have questions that are not answered here, email us at

What is the workload or time commitment for PFF courses?

Each course is equivalent to a 4-unit graduate course for both workload and time commitment. Some courses are listed as 0 units, but this is to ensure that the courses are free to current students, not that the courses take less work.

How do current students register for a PFF course?

You should register for our courses the same way you register for other courses. The Registrar’s website has instructions for how to register through your PeopleSoft account.

How do alumni register for PFF courses?

Alumni need to fill out a Visiting Student form which can be found on the Registrar’s Form Index. The form needs to be filled out and sent to during the registration period of the semester you want to attend class. Each course costs $50 to cover the cost of administrative processes.

Can I take both courses required for the certificate in one semester?

No. The certificate courses build on each other so you need to take the courses in different semesters. You will need information and skills from the first class before you will be able to complete the PFF 531 Teaching Practicum & Portfolio course successfully.

How long are the courses?

Our courses run an entire semester. We don’t offer Mod 1 or Mod 2 courses.

What is the difference between PFF 530 and TNDY 430 which have the same title Transdisciplinary Pedagogy for Ethical Education?

The contents of the two courses are the same and both count toward the certificate. However, there are differences in cost, units, and degree requirements.

PFF 530:
Zero units
Free for current students

TNDY 430:
4 units
Regular tuition rate
Fulfills the Transdisciplinary Studies course requirement for most doctoral students
Required for DBOS and SCGH doctoral students

When will the class schedule be posted?

The official class schedule is put out by the Registrar’s office toward the end of each semester. You can see our courses by selecting “Preparing Future Faculty” in the subject box and then selecting the search button.

Can current students only register for a zero-unit course and no other courses?

You can for the summer semester but cannot for the fall or spring semesters. If you are registered for continuous registration you don’t have to take another course besides the zero-unit class. See the Registrar’s 0-Unit section for more information.