Spring 2023 Webinar Series

Webinar Best Practices

Wednesday, Feb 8, 12:00pm-1:00pm PST
Host: Jonathan Aragon, CAFE Fellow
Co-Host: Jessi Knippel, CAFE Fellow
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Make your webinars and presentations more engaging and memorable. Learn practical tips you can easily apply regardless of the topic you are presenting.

Artificial Intelligence Tools like ChatGPT in Higher Education

Wednesday, Feb 15, 12:00pm-1:00pm PST
Host: Shelby D. Lamar, Associate Director
Co-Host: Sarah Aburaisi, CAFE Fellow
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Artificial intelligence is taking the world by storm and higher education is no exception. ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence based natural language processing tool designed by OpenAI. It can answer questions and commands written in natural language and respond with answers, novel content, code, and more. This webinar will cover the basics of how to use ChatGPT, then we will discuss how it can be integrated into courses and assignments.

Negotiating Faculty Contracts

Thursday, Feb 23, 1:00pm-2:00pm PST
Hosts: Provost Michelle Bligh & CAFE Director M. Gloria González-Morales
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How do you navigate the negotiation once you get an offer? It is such an exciting position to be in, and a lot of questions may come up:

– How much negotiating power do you really have?
– How is salary negotiated and what other things are on the table?
– How do you negotiate across intersectional identities?

Join our Provost Michelle Bligh and CAFE Director Gloria Gonzalez in a conversation about negotiating your first faculty contract. They will share their expertise in organizational psychology and their experience in both sides of the table.

How to Manage Imposter Syndrome in Graduate School

Wednesday, March 8, 12:00pm-1:00pm PST
Host: Jonathan Aragon, CAFE Fellow
Co-Host: Lauren Davila, CAFE Fellow
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In this practical webinar, you will learn how to manage your reputation, your opportunities, your approach to success, and how to transform your mindset so that you stress less and get more done by putting an end to unproductive habits such as perfectionism, which can become a long-term career problem if left unchecked. In addition, we will discuss the basics of imposter syndrome, and how it hijacks the experience of many graduate students. We will also discuss why mentors often overlook this, and instead attempt to address the symptoms by teaching less helpful skills, such as time management and goal setting. If you take this time to invest in understanding yourself, and the latent drivers of false imposter behaviors, you can take control of your path to degree attainment and will likely leave with a renewed sense of empowerment and control over your destiny.

Designing Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

Monday, April 3, 12:00pm-1:00pm PST
Hosts: Sarah Aburaisi, CAFE Fellow
Co-Host: Holly Allen, CAFE Fellow
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When creating a cake we need a recipe or scaffolding of some sort to garner the end result we are looking for, a tasty cake. The same is true in the class room, Student Learning Outcomes are part of the scaffolding that helps the teacher and student have a clear idea of the course objectives and how they will be achieved. The clarity and subsequent effectiveness of Student Learning Outcomes offers an accessible and solid rubric and assessment for both parties when it comes to accomplishing the goals of learning and completing the course.

How to Teach English as a Second Language and TOEFL

Tuesday, April 4, 12:00pm-1:00pm PST
Hosts: Sarah Aburaisi, CAFE Fellow and Holly Allen, CAFE Fellow
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You may have considered traveling abroad to teach. The chance to practice your pedagogy in a new environment, a new culture. You may have heard of a wealth of job openings related to teaching ESL, some of which might require the TOEFL certification. This webinar will explore what the TOEFL is, as well as why and where it is typically required. This webinar will also cover what it may be like to work for a foreign language company and some of the basic principles of teaching ESL and associated topics.

Building a Social Media Presence as a Professional in Higher Education

Thursday, April 13, 2023, 12:00pm-1:00pm PST
Host: Alegria Martinez, CGU Social Media Specialist,
Co-Hosts: Jonathan Aragon and Jessi Knippel, Center for Academic & Faculty Excellence Fellows

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Join us for a discussion on social media! We will cover best practices for increasing your engagement and reach on social media platforms, especially on LinkedIn. We will focus on tips for faculty and future faculty, but everyone is encouraged to join and learn! 

Coming in Summer 2023

Setting Up for CANVAS Success

Date Coming Soon!
Hosts: M. Gloria González-Morales, CAFE Director and Chris Rougier, OIT

How do you design and think your syllabus to make the CANVAS design and implementation easier? This and other questions will be answered in conversation with OIT’s Chris Rougier and CAFE Director Gloria Gonzalez.