Welcome! All of our 2020 Participant videos are below. Click on the title of a presentation to view the corresponding PowerPoint slide.


Jason Beck, “Mindful Leaders Create Human Connections

Laura Black, “The Weaponization of Design

Amanda Castillo, “Strengthening Teacher Evaluation Systems in K-12 Public Education

Kerri Dean, “(re)Imagining the Evergreen

Cindy Delgado, “Reducing Telehealth Gaps to Improve Experiences for Underserved Latinx Communities

Katrina Denman, “Angels “Leaning In”: Uncovering Women’s Roles in Academic History

Carlos Alberto Echeverria-Estrada, “County Bureaucrats and the Mexican Consular Card

Jonathan Erickson “Mindfulness, and Teacher Workplace Outcomes

Francesca Gacho, “How Am I Not Myself? Statistics in the Novel

(Sri) Ratana Gamage, “Inventing the Best Future University in the World

Skylar Hanson, “Are You ACEs Aware?

Rebecca Ingrim, Building State-Level Profiles to Shape Perceptions and Reactions to Mental Illness to Reduce Suicide in The United States

Nathan Kamel, “Overcoming Barriers to Transition for Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Cancer Survivors

Amber Kea-Edwards, “Development or Discrimination?: An Intersectional Lens on Multi-Source Feedback

Sekwen Kim, “Californian Bridging

Chungeun Koo, “Why So Much Conflicting?

Courtney Lamb, “The Story of Infertility in America

Whitney Martinez, “The Real Business of Social Movements: Transforming the Spirit of Leadership in Palestine

Jessica Moss, “This is Interfaith

Khang Nguyen, “Being, Knowing, and Time

Jacqueline Rollins, “Pandora’s Music Box: Getting Sued for Science

Tamar Salibian, “Reading Reality TV: Publicizing, Promoting, and Commodifying the Self

Amay Singh, “Assessing Leadership During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Benjamin Smith, “The Economic Impact of Parenting Decisions on Children’s Later-Life Outcomes

Sumana Sri, “More Freedom, Less Boredom

Vinh Tran, “Shortest Way Home: Developing an Interstate Policy Exchange Framework for K-12 Math and Science Education

Arline Votruba, “Is Birth Control Sexist?: Gender Inequality Across Pregnancy Prevention Options

Marlena Wolfgramm, “The Navigation of Pacific Islanders in STEM

Anna Yu Lee, “A Multinational Study of the Etiology and Clinical Teleology of Moral Evaluations of Patient Behaviors

Tyler Zimmerman, “Historically Accurate Performance of Organ Works from 18th Century Wallonia (Modern Day-Belgium)