August 20, 2020

Fall 2020 Open TNDY Courses

Transdisciplinary mindset visualized as an atom

Looking for a Fall course? Need to complete your TNDY requirement? Need an elective? The Transdisciplinary Studies Program has several open courses for the Fall.

TNDY 404L – Judeo-Christian Thought Across the Disciplines

Register for Professor of Education, Mary Poplin’s, course on challenges to secularization of the West and the Western academy.

This Transdisciplinary seminar will examine 1) the assumptions and principles of prominent secular and religious scholars, 2) the contemporary challenges both to Judeo-Christian thought and to the dominance of secularism across the disciplines, 3) the intellectual principles of Judeo-Christian thought and their implications in the sciences, social sciences, and arts/humanities, and 4) examples from various related scholars’ work across the disciplines.

TNDY 404L – Judeo-Christian Thought Across the Disciplines
Online, Alternate Saturdays (09/12, 09/26, 10/10, 10/24, 11/07, 11/21, 12/05)
9:00 – 2:50PM
4 – Units

Global Leadership

Register for our new course with Senior Drucker Fellow, Ryan Patel

We are now offering a new transdisciplinary course with Drucker School of Management Senior Fellow, Ryan Patel, a world-renowned go-to authority on global business, political economy and corporate governance. This course aims to help students by addressing important trends in the changing global landscape, cultivating global mindsets to help make strategic decisions, and preparing individuals to lead organizations in our interconnected world.

TNDY 305 – Global Leadership
Module 2, Online, Asynchronous, Saturday 10:00 – 12:00PM, with two additional online synchronous meetings on Saturday 11/14 & 12/12, 10:00AM – 12:00PM
2 – Units

TNDY 407P – Global Diplomacy: Peace, Governance & Gender

Register for Full Clinical Professor of Middle East & International Studies, Sallama Shaker’s, course on conflict prevention and conflict resolution in paving a pathway to sustaining peace.

This course explores the correlation between peace, development, justice, and gender equity, and how negotiating with ‘velvet gloves’ rather than traditional conservative diplomacy can pave a pathway to sustainable peace.

TNDY 407P – Global Diplomacy: Peace, Governance & Gender
Online, Tuesday 3:30 – 5:20PM
4 – Units

Other TNDY courses open for Fall registration include:

TNDY 408B – Law and Economics: Theory and Practice
Gregory DeAngelo, Associate Professor of Economic Sciences, Co-chair, Applied Microeconomics, Data Analytics
Tuesday 10:50 – 12:40PM, Online

TNDY 407O – Corruption
Robert Klitgaard, University Professor
Tuesday/Thursday 3:30 – 5:20PM, Online

TNDY 304 – Traversing the Transdisciplinary Imagination: Communication & Collaboration
Marcus Weakley, Director, Center for Writing & Rhetoric
Wednesday 10:50 – 12:50PM, Hybrid: online with an on-ground lab component geared to meet international student visa requirements

TNDY 407Y – Screening Religion: Film and Religious History
Daniel Ramírez, Associate Professor of Religion
Monday 8:10 – 10:00PM, Online

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