Program Fees

Tier 1 Fee: $2,000
Tier 2 Fee: $2,000
Tier 2 Tuition (hybrid program only): 2 units at the normal rate*

All CGU students are required to pay a Student Services fee ($245) and a Technology Fee ($125) every semester. These two fees are charged to CGU students in the ISP Pathways Program, as well.

*Please be advised this tuition fee is for 2 units of graduate credit from TNDY 304 that will apply to your degree program. See the current tuition rates here.
**CGU fellowships cannot be applied to Module Fees, but Module 2 Tuition may have prorated fellowships applied.

Department Holds

For students who are required to take ISP for entrance to CGU, you will have a “hold” placed on your registration for your program or department of future study. This hold does not interfere with your ability to choose and secure the classes you want for the semester after ISP. During module 2 of the ISP program, you will be able to choose your classes for the coming semester, and your hold will be removed when your grades are received by the department.