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Role and Responsibilities of the Advocates

CGU Advocates are graduate student volunteers who are dedicated to assisting sexual violence survivors with options, information, and resources. CGU Advocates provide one-on-one support for survivors through email, phone, or in-person meetings. CGU Advocates are not therapists, psychologists, or crisis counselors, but are available and trained to provide necessary information to survivors who are unsure of who to speak with or what to do. CGU Advocates will provide resources for your personal situation that may include information on confidential resources on and off campus, support hotlines, counseling services and support groups, reporting options, university administration contacts, law enforcement contacts, mental health providers, legal assistance, medical services options, academic and housing options, and the criminal justice process.

Privacy Guidelines and Policy

CGU Advocates are trained professionals who are committed to protecting the privacy interests of all survivors. CGU Advocates will provide survivors of sexual violence with the necessary resources to make informed decisions. CGU Advocates provide guidance and understanding in order to maintain the trust and aid in the empowerment of survivors. However, CGU Advocates are not able to maintain privacy in incidents where the survivor is at risk of harming themselves or others, or if there is an immediate danger to the community.

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