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Checking Out a Laptop:
The Office of Information Technology offers workshop attendees the option to check out laptops in the Academic Computing Building that already have technological tools instructed by Digital Learning Lab Fellows installed unto them. To request a laptop, please email us at least 2 days in advance.

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Though we offer multiple workshops on different software applications, please click the button below to check which ones are offered through CGU.

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Additional Help With Tools:
Please refer to our “Off-Campus Resources” page for external help with specific technological tools. Included are step by step Youtube videos, articles with examples and other supporting resources for you to refer to on your own time.

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Every semester the Digital Learning Lab prepares free workshops to help students, faculty, and staff members expand their knowledge of software programs. If there is a workshop topic you would like to see us offer, please email us at

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DLL Workshops

Presenting Professionally with PowerPoint

March 10, 2023


Presentations can be daunting, challenging, and sometimes disappointing.  For the hardworking academic or professional, all the good research and work can come undone if the delivery is not just right.  In this workshop, we will review some practices that will help ensure that the content, timing, and delivery of the presentation meet expectations.

Dissertation Formatting in Microsoft Word

March 21, 2023

11am – 12pm

Microsoft Word includes features that can assist you in producing professional-quality documents.  Microsoft Word can also help you better organize and write papers.  This workshop will focus on the use of Microsoft Word to format your dissertation.  You will learn how to add various types of page numbers, create an automatic table of contents, create an automatic list of tables, and create an automatic list of figures.

Strangle the Code – Python Seminar

March 24, 2023

11am – 12pm

Learn Intermediate plotting and beginner data analysis in Python.  This is the intermediate session, so participants are expected to have gone to the beginner session or have personal experience in Python.

Polishing Your Data: A Practical Workshop with R

March 29, 2023

11am – 12pm

In this workshop, you will learn how to clean and prepare our data for analysis using R.  This includes checking and handling data ranges, missing values, duplicates, misspellings, outliers, null values, and data types.  We will also introduce useful functions and libraries.  Additionally, you will gain hands-on experience by practicing data cleaning together on a raw dataset during the workshop.  An intermediate session for people with basic knowledge of using R and R studio.

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