Welcome to SPARK

The Office of Student Engagement in collaboration with the Doctoral Success Committee has launched SPARK: The Doctoral Success Program to provide support to doctoral scholars who are approaching or already in the post-coursework phase of their graduate journey. We began our program with a 4-part summer workshop series. Each workshop correlated with one of the core curricula skill videos from the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity (NCFDD), for which CGU is an institutional member. This academic year, we invite our doctoral scholars nearing the completion of coursework or already in the post-coursework phase to join us during our monthly workshops, make use of our academic affirming community space, and utilize the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity to advance in your doctoral milestones.

Provide Feedback

As we continue to plan and develop sessions for SPARK, we ask that you share your feedback with our committee. Please click the button below to share any suggested sessions, workshops, or topics that you would like to see incorporated in our 2022-2023 academic year programming. Our goal remains to help doctoral students make progress towards degree milestones and feel successful as they advance towards degree completion.

Share Your Feedback

Academic Affirming Community

Integral to SPARK is building community and establishing accountability with peers. We invite doctoral scholars to join our academic affirming community space via Microsoft Yammer, where doctoral students can engage with each other regardless of location. We will be facilitating weekly discussion questions and polls, but invite you all to connect and share your research, ask questions, ask for support, and build community with other CGU scholars. We encourage you to review our Yammer Community Guidelines as you look to engage with your peers.

Fall 2022 SPARK Workshops

Session Toolkit

For each of our sessions, we have curated a toolkit of helpful documents and resources to support you in goal setting, planning, and milestone mapping. We encourage you to join each session to understand how to utilize each of these tools to track your progress this academic year and work your way towards achieving your next doctoral milestone. After each session, we will upload the documents used for you all to access. Should you have any questions about the tools that are shared, please email us at student.engagement@cgu.edu.