Flourish In Your First Year

The FLOURISH program provides critical tools for first year graduate students to succeed and thrive beginning in the first year and throughout their graduate school experience.

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Objectives of the FLOURISH program:

  • Introduce students to the elements of a transformative graduate education,
  • Develop learning and academic skills for the graduate level,
  • Create a sense of belonging and community, academically and socially,
  • Equip students with agency to navigate academic, administrative, and professional development resources, and
  • Promote a student’s self-awareness and understanding of a healthy, sustainable graduate lifestyle/experience.

Upcoming Events and Workshops

Tools to help students FLOURISH

2019 – 2020 First Year Student Spotlights

We asked first year students who participated in our FLOURISH program to provide some information about their background and course of study at CGU, what led them to choose CGU for their graduate studies, any challenges they faced in their first year, advice they are willing to share with other incoming first-year students, and any extra-curricular hobbies they are engaged in. We hope sharing their experience helps you identify ways in which you can navigate your first year at CGU.