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Institutional Research Office

E-MAIL: IR@CGU.EDU /TEL: 909-607-8632


Jody Waters

Associate Provost for Institutional Effectiveness

Yumi Huang

Institutional Research Officer

David Kallemeyn

Senior Data Analyst

Ayush Enkhtaivan

Graduate Research Assistant

Sejal Desai

Graduate Research Assistant

CGU’s WSCUC external evaluation team will be on campus meeting with university stakeholders, committees, and offices from March 30-April 1, 2022.

For information about CGU’s accreditation, please review the Institutional Report and Offsite Lines of Inquiry (CGU credentials required)

Please direct any questions about the Accreditation Visit or reaffirmation of accreditation more generally to Jody Waters, Associate Provost for Institutional Effectiveness.

Accreditation Team Roster

The members of CGU’s review team for reaffirmation of accreditation are:


Gabriel Esteban
DePaul University

Assistant Chair

Rebecca Hong
Assistant Vice Provost
Educational Effectiveness and Assessment
Loyola Marymount University
James Antony
Dean of the Graduate Division and Professor in Education Studies
University of California San Diego
Erin Gore
Senior Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration
University of California, San Francisco
Wendy Boland
Dean of Graduate & Professional Studies
Associate Professor of Marketing
American University

As part of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, the Institutional Research Office supports the university by providing accurate, timely, and reliable information to various people, departments, and agencies related to the academic and operational activities of the university.

Primary Functions

  • To respond to requests for statistical information from CGU personnel and management, the state and federal governments, accreditation agencies, local and national surveys, and the general public.
  • To gather, analyze, and report information on CGU faculty, staff, student population, programs and resources.
  • To assist CGU personnel with research and assessment methodology, evaluation and data analysis techniques.

Statistics, Reports, and Information

The following statistics, reports, and information are available by contacting the CGU Institutional Research Office.

    • Current statistics (enrollment, admissions)
    • CGU organization charts (academic, administrative)
    • Programs and fees (degrees offered, student fees)
    • Admissions (historical, by program)
  • Enrollment (FTE, headcount, by school/department/program)
  • Completions (degrees conferred by degree type/program)
  • Students (by ethnicity/school/department/program/gender/ age/citizenship/degree type/ student type)
  • Faculty (by rank/status/ethnicity/gender)
  • Staff (by status/ethnicity/gender)

To request any of the above statistics, reports, or information, please complete the request form. Please include the purpose of the request, as well as a detailed description of the information requested. Please be as specific and detailed as possible. For example: Acceptable – Student headcount enrollment for 2019 Fall, in Program X. Unacceptable – How many international students are there?

Code of Ethics

In order to ensure accurate and valid data collected through professional methods, the Institutional Research Office adheres to the code of ethics adopted by the Association for Institutional Research (AIR).