CGU Learning Outcomes and Student Success

CGU’s institutional learning outcomes identify what students know and are able to do once they successfully complete a degree. These outcomes represent a combination of knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors. Each program has additional program learning outcomes.


  • Demonstrate the core knowledge in their discipline. This includes the core concepts, issues, and methods in their field.
  • Engage in and/or conduct research and critical inquiry in the context of the discipline.
  • Conduct original research, synthesize knowledge, and use theory in design and execution for both research and practice.
  • Exhibit effective communication and presentation skills.
  • Use relevant information, integrate constructive feedback, and present work to others in an appropriate and effective manner.
  • Have the opportunity to develop transdisciplinary perspectives and method.
  • Draw upon ideas and methods of multiple disciplines to create new, integrative, and transformative solutions with transdisciplinary, problem-centered research.
  • Acquire career-specific skills.
  • Have the professional skills needed to advance chosen career goals, which may include instructional, pedagogical, leadership, artistic, and community outreach with organizations outside of academia depending on the chosen field.

Student Success

Completion Rates

CGU regularly analyzes and reports completion, attrition, and retention rates, as well as time to degree, for masters and doctoral students using multiple cohorts across time. Over 38% of CGU students are enrolled part time. Many students at CGU also work part time or full time while pursuing a degree

Master’s Degree Completion

Overall, 70% of students pursuing a master’s degree at CGU complete their degree within three years. For underrepresented minority students, 61% complete their master’s degree within three years (2019 Data).

Doctoral Degree Completion

The national average across disciplines for completion of a doctor of philosophy degree within ten years is 57% (source: Council of Graduate Schools 2008 PhD Completion Project).

At CGU, 52% of all students pursuing a doctoral degree completed their degree within ten years. For underrepresented minority students, 50% completed within ten years (2019 data).

Time to Degree for Master’s Programs

The median time to degree for students at CGU to complete their master’s degree is 1.7 years (2018-2019 data).

Time to Degree for Doctoral Programs

The national median time to degree across doctoral programs and in all fields is 5.8 years (source: Survey of Earned Doctorates 2018).

The median time to degree for doctoral students at CGU is 6.3 years (2018-2019 data).