The CWR offers courses to help students improve their writing and presenting skills. Registration for all of the CWR’s courses is done through the MyCGU portal.


WRIT 350: Dissertation & Thesis Writing

Adapting the format of the Center for Writing & Rhetoric’s dissertation bootcamps, this course examines relevant writing topics as well as offers structured and dedicated writing time. The course aims to increase writing productivity by developing individualized writing plans and habits in conjunction with community-based writing time and instruction on applicable writing topics.

Can I register for the course?

Students working on a master’s thesis, dissertation proposal, or dissertation are eligible to register for WRIT 350. 

How do I register?

To register for WRIT 350, log into Peoplesoft and search in the class schedule under the category of “Writing Programs.”

How much does the course cost?

The course does not cost any tuition when taken for 0 units but normal fees still apply (including over the summer). If taken for 4 units, normal tuition costs apply.

I have never been to a dissertation bootcamp. How does the class work?

WRIT 350 is a semester-long course that covers topics relevant to writing theses, proposals, and dissertations. They are either on structural elements, such as developing focus statements or writing literature reviews, or they are about the writing process and building sustainable writing habits. 

Each class is 3 hours long with 1 hour of instructional time and 2 hours of writing time.

I want to take the course but I’m not in the writing stage of my project. Can I still take it?

WRIT 350 is open to anyone working on their thesis, proposal or dissertation. We strongly recommend that the 2 hours of writing time are dedicated to writing. 

In WRIT 350, we discuss the benefits of writing even in the early research stages of these degree-culminating milestones. Nonetheless, if you do not have a specific topic approved for your thesis, proposal, or dissertation, we recommend taking the course in a future semester.

I can’t take the course this semester, will it be offered next semester? 

Currently, the course is offered in the fall, spring, and summer semesters.

Is the course in-person, hybrid, or online?

Check the Schedule of Classes for current available modalities.

Is the course graded?

When taken for 0 units, it is a pass/fail course. When taken for 4 units, it is a graded course (unless other arrangements are made).

Do I have to attend every week?

A key component of this course is a dedication to consistent writing. To get the best out of the course, we encourage students to attend every week. If a student needs to miss a class, they must notify the instructors in advance to get an excused absence. If you plan to miss more than 5 classes, we encourage you to wait to enroll in the course in a future semester.

Are there required assignments? Are they graded?

Yes, WRIT350 has a few required assignments spread throughout the semester. These are intended for students to engage more deeply on a few important topics and get feedback from their instructor.

The assignments are marked as complete/incomplete. Every student is at a different stage of their process, so the assignments are intended to help students in structuring their own writing time successfully and developing their projects. Two examples of assignments are the Semester Plan and the Focus Statement/1-page Outline. 

If students do not complete the Semester Plan assignment, they will not pass the course. Students taking the course for 4 units will have more mandatory assignments in addition to the Semester Plan.

Can I register for the course if I have been previously enrolled?

Yes, you may continue to take the course as many times as you like! The assignments are still required for repeating students. However, repeating students have the option to skip the first hour of lecture and complete an extra hour of writing time in a breakout room instead. 

I’m having trouble with my project, can I speak with the instructors during class?

WRIT350 is a class dedicated to writing time and instruction. The CWR has individual appointments available for more in-depth questions about your topic. 

Will the instructors have office hours? 

The TA for the course holds weekly Write-In hours, where students can write together on Zoom at another designated time during the week. Students can also utilize this time to ask the TA questions about the course and assignments. The Write-In hours with the Zoom link will be sent via Canvas announcement every week. 

I’m looking for a writing community. Are there any ways we can connect with students in the class?

Yes, the instructors for WRIT 350 build writing groups based on student stage and interest. The groups meet during class time periodically throughout the course, and students will also be given each other’s contact information in case they would like to meet outside of class. We will provide resources on writing and feedback groups. 

Do we need to get our advisor’s approval to join the course? 

Advisor approval to take the course is highly recommended but not required. When students start the course on the same page as their chairs/advisors, they are in a better position to avoid duplicate work and be as productive as possible.

Where can I get the materials for the course?

The course is largely built on Canvas, so all students will need access to the Canvas site and notifications for announcements turned on. 

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