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Location: 141 E. 12th St. Claremont, CA 91711
Office Phone: (909) 607-0012
Email: write@cgu.edu

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CLICK HERE for a video tutorial on Registering for an Account with the CWR

CLICK HERE for a video tutorial on Making an Appointment with the CWR

The CWR offers courses to help students improve their writing and presenting skills. These courses are offered S/U, do not count toward your degree, and are offered for free or at a discounted rate. We also offer Language for Reading courses that prepare students for the language exams required for candidacy or completion by some departments.

Registration for all of the Center’s courses is done through the MyCGU portal.

WRIT 350: Dissertation & Thesis Writing

The CWR is offering a new course in Fall 2022, WRIT 350: Dissertation & Thesis Writing! This course is specifically designed for students working on a thesis, dissertation proposal, or dissertation. Each class session will dedicate the first 45 minutes to a thesis, proposal, or dissertation writing topic, and the last 2 hours will be writing time as a part of a dedicated cohort of peers at the same stage. The course is 0-unit and free to active students, but you must be in the thesis, proposal, or dissertation stage to register. The course is offered in the concurrent sync modality, which means that you can attend either in person or online.

Questions? Email us at cwr@cgu.edu.

Languages for Graduate Study

These courses are specifically designed to help students pass language exams that are administrated by the schools and departments within CGU, but any student may take the courses. These courses are only offered during the summer and do not count toward degree units. Check the current summer schedule of classes to see which courses are being offered!

  • LANG 171: Spanish for Reading Knowledge
  • LANG 181: French for Reading Knowledge
  • LANG 191: German for Reading Knowledge

(Course Cost 2022: $2,300)