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Location: 141 E. 12th St. (gray house)
Office Phone: (909) 607-0012
Email: write@cgu.edu

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Who We Are

The Center for Writing & Rhetoric (CWR) offers instruction and support on writing and presenting, providing over 1500 consultations each year in-person (when possible), online, and through email review. We also offer events that support milestones and projects, such as weekend Dissertation Bootcamps, Students of Color Writing Retreats, Qualifying Exam Preparation Weekends, webinars, workshops, one-day general writing retreats, weeklong boot camps, and writing groups. Recently, we created CGU’s version of the Three Minute Thesis competition, The Big Pitch, which develops and showcases student work from across campus in a unique three-minute and single slide format for a non-specialist audience. We also formed the Student Grant & Award Initiative, a cross-campus collaboration designed to support student grant applications. We are proud to work as a learning community hub with an anti-discrimination pedagogy for CGU students to develop their academic understanding in an affirming space.

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Anti-Discrimination & Learning Community Pedagogy

Over numerous sessions during Fall 2020, the CWR Anti-Discrimination Committee drafted the Center’s first Anti-Discrimination Statement. The final statement was a result of the collaboration between all CWR staff, but special thanks to Wendy Anguiano, Anisha Ahuja, Katrina Denman, and Jessica Delgado for their dedicated work on this project. See our complete Anti-Discrimination Statement here.

New Online Resources!

We are happy to announce that the Center for Writing & Rhetoric has a Canvas site with modules on literature reviews, introductions, cohesion & coherence, developing research questions, argumentation, and more! All you have to do is sign into MyCGU before you access the link below, and you can “add” yourself to the Canvas immediately. We will be growing the offerings of modules regularly.

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New Events Page

We have created a new events page where we will post all of our writing events, webinars, and more. It is one centralized location with all of the dates and information you need on our offerings. In addition to our consultations and writing fellows program, we are facilitating a full slate of webinars, Weekend Dissertation Bootcamps, Saturday Writing Retreats, Students of Color Writing Retreats, and Qualifying Exam Preparation Weekends in Spring 2021. Visit our Events page for all the dates!

New Blog Post

Read our newest blog post on “Isolated Writing in a Pandemic” by writing consultant Anisha Ahuja!

Experiencing finals week during a pandemic and under the stress of lockdown is not what many of us expected in choosing to become a graduate student. The joy of graduate school is in its emphasis on collectively, something most visible in the papers we write. When writing under lockdown, our papers become developed less through collaboration and mutuality, and more through the isolated format of writing off-campus and out of the classroom. Our work itself is intended to be born out of social scholarship. Is it possible for us to maintain these foundations of graduate writing during a moment that removes us from one another?

The Big Pitch 2020

We had an exciting and competitive inaugural Three Minute Thesis competition, culminating with the finals on November 20, 2020. Vinh Tran, a Ph.D. candidate in the School of Educational Studies, won 1st place with his presentation, “Shortest Way Home: Developing an Interstate Policy Exchange Framework for K-12 Math and Science Education”. Congratulations Vinh! Amber Kea-Edwards, a Ph.D. candidate in Positive Organizational Psychology at the School of Social Science, Policy & Evaluation, came in 2nd place and won the Audience’s Choice Award! Katrina Denman, a Ph.D. candidate in History at the School of Arts & Humanities and a writing consultant at the CWR, won 3rd place! Congratulations to all of our finalists and competitors.

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Writing Consultations

We are offering all of our writing consultations online in both synchronous and asynchronous formats. Schedule a synchronous online writing consultation to meet with a writing consultant up to twice a week, or schedule an email review to submit a document and receive written feedback in about 3 – 7 business days.

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  • Writing Retreats, Dissertation Boot Camps, & More

The CWR is offering retreats and boot camps online throughout the summer and fall! To see the full schedule, visit the page below.

Retreats & Bootcamps

  • Writing & Study Groups

Writing groups are small groups of committed members that meet at the same time and interval to write. Study groups are the same idea but with the more flexible structure of reading, studying, or writing together. Working in a group has been proven to improve accountability, motivation, and the achievement of desired outcomes–especially during online classes. We facilitate Write In Studio hours or help Self-Guided Groups to get started.

Writing Groups