The Student Grant & Award Initiative

Begun in 2021 as a cross-campus collaboration, the Student Grant & Award Initiative is a new program to support student grant writing and fellowship applications at CGU. The initiative aims to develop students’ grant writing abilities while providing support in their pursuit of awards that advance their academic and professional work. To accomplish this, we will begin to offer targeted programs geared toward specific awards as well as general support for all student grant applications. In our inaugural year, we will provide multi-faceted programming for Fulbright applications.

New elements of the initiative will be introduced on an ongoing basis, so we recommend that students sign-up for our email list to stay up-to-date on our programming.

  1. A great first step is to review the grant opportunities that we have compiled below.
  2. After reviewing the opportunities and taking note of any that align with your goals, email us at to set up a one-on-one appointment.
  3. At the meeting, we will work out a plan of which grants to apply to and how we can best support your applications.

Email List Sign-up

Student Grant & Award Resources

A Step-by-Step Process Guide

Where to Begin

Clarify your goals

Reflect on what you want to achieve by applying for a fellowship. Is it to support your dissertation writing, facilitate travel to conduct research, help pay for tuition, or conduct a study? Goal-setting will help you narrow your focus on the appropriate awards.

Review our lists of opportunities

Either after your reflection or to help facilitate it, take a look at the curated list of grant and fellowship opportunities available on the Office of Financial Aid’s website. Explore the opportunities both within your field and those in related fields.

Meet with your academic mentors

Your faculty and other academic mentors will be able to steer you in the direction of specific awards, and in many cases, have relationships with colleagues in their fields at other institutions. Touching base with your academic mentors is an essential early step. They need to know that you are looking at and applying for awards so that they can support you during the application process and let you know if they hear about other opportunities.

Next Steps

Meet with someone from our team

There are a number of folks from across campus that have significant knowledge about grants and awards in various fields. There is also support available in writing certain types of applications through the Office of Advancement. Email us at, so we can talk further about the ways we can support your applications.

Draft a personal statement

Personal statements are required for most applications. It is helpful to draft a version of your personal statement that will be adapted and edited for each application depending on its requirements and context. This is similar to having a version of a cover letter and Curriculum Vitae available as a starting point for each new job application.

Visit the Center for Writing & Rhetoric

Peer consultants at the CWR can work with you from the brainstorming to the revising phase of the personal statement and other application materials. All CGU students and alumni can have two 50-minute consultations each week. Visit to make an appointment.