The Consultant Agreement is designed to provide reasonable protection to CGU, its employees, and to the parties with whom it enters into an independent consultant relationships. The document contains basic legal definitions and protections especially regarding terms & conditions, indemnification, and intellectual property. For payment to an independent contractor on a sponsored program that is $1,000 and above or reoccurring a Consulting Agreement is needed.

California’s contractor laws state that an independent contractor is a person or business who provides a specific service to another company in exchange for compensation. It further says that the independent contractor is under managerial control for results and not how he or she accomplishes the work.

An individual is an independent contractor in California only if they meet all three (3) requirements of the test:
The worker remains free from managerial direction and control related to the worker’s performance.
The worker performs duties outside the scope of the company’s course of business.
The worker primarily engages as an established business and performs the same work as for the company.
Simply put, as long as you can offer your services to other businesses, have an established entity, and provide a unique skill set, you are likely an independent contractor.
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For information on the forms 1099, W-8BEN, and 8233, see Purchasing and Reimbursement of Business Expense Policy.

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