The Office of Research, Sponsored Programs & Grants (ORSPG) is responsible for informing, supporting, coordinating, and organizing external fundraising for grants and contracts and for accepting and negotiating the resulting awards on behalf of CGU. ORSPG has the lead responsibility for negotiating, signing, and assisting faculty and staff in developing:

  • grant proposals to public or private funding agencies for academic research and/or training;
  • grant proposals that involve collaboration with other universities, colleges, medical organizations, or scholarly associations; and
  • contract proposals and agreements for academic research, evaluation, and/or training

In contrast to grants or contracts to perform specified project activities, solicitations of gifts from private individuals, corporations, or private foundations are supported and submitted by Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR) or other staff in the Office of Advancement. Gift solicitations generally presuppose that the university will have very broad discretion in using the gift funds, which may be unrestricted or may be broadly limited (restricted) to a particular academic unit (school or department) or type of activity (scholarships, facilities construction, faculty compensation, research expenses.) Grants or contracts, in contrast, have limitations or restrictions along all or most of the following lines: a defined project led by named individuals (“key personnel”); a fixed period of performance during which funds may be spent; detailed timetables and deliverables, about which periodic financial and programmatic progress reports are expected; funds may be rescinded or recouped if not spent as specified in the application or agreement.

For proposals or agreements that are not readily classified or for any questions about where to go for help with proposals, faculty or others are welcome to contact either ORSPG or CFR for guidance and assistance.

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External Funding Agency Information

The external funding agency information page has selected links to U.S. government and other funding agency resource pages. For further information about these and other funding agencies, including nonfederal government units and private foundations, please contact ORSP.