Prepare an Assessment and Planning Form
Assess resources, needs and interests. Know what you have to work with before planning. Faculty and staff members, students, and community groups are all resources. Who will attend? What are their interests? What are your goals? What needs are you trying to meet?

Formalize a Budget

Most likely you have a set amount of money available to spend on the event. List all associated costs and allocate the available funds.

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Develop a Task Schedule
Make a list of everything that needs to be done to plan the event, when each task needs to be completed, and who the task is assigned to.

Reserve Your Space

Facilities & AV Requests –any questions contact Facilities
Submit Facilities and AV Requests through EMS to ensure that your event location has the A/V set-up, necessary signage, furniture, and room set-up. Submit your parking requests, and event set up through MAXIMO.

Secure Vendors and Caterers

Promote Your Event

Staff & Volunteer Assignment Chart
Organize your volunteers with a Staff & Volunteer Work Assignment Chart.

Create an Event Flow Document
Prepare a schedule for the day of your event for all necessary staff, volunteer, vendors and speakers.

Complete Presidential Briefing Document
If the CGU President is going to be in attendance, complete this sample/template with details about the event and attendees to forward to President prior to event.

Events at CGU President’s House
All events held at the president’s house must be coordinated through the President’s Office. Please submit the form to Cindy Bierman, Assistant to the President, at

Prepare Event Day Check List
Create an Event Day Check-list to ensure nothing is forgotten days leading up to event and event day.

Gather your Event Supply Box Items
Use this checklist to ensure that you have everything you need on the day of your event. Let the list do the remembering so you don’t have to!

Evaluate Your Event

One of the final important responsibilities for your event is to conclude with an evaluation. Evaluation reviews of your event can help with future planning, changes and improvements.

Evaluations may be completed by people in attendance at the event, as well as the individuals who coordinated the event.  By distributing evaluations to all involved, you will be able to collect a more precise and accurate assessment of your event.

We have provided generic evaluation forms which can be used, but it may be beneficial to create your own. In creating your own, you can target specifics of your event and assess whether objectives were met.



  • Should this event be repeated in the future?
  • Were the objectives of the event met?
  • What went well during the event?
  • What can be improved upon?
  • What ideas/suggestions do you have for future events

​​​​​​​Please contact Jason Espinoza at or Darlene Bradley at with any suggestions or comments regarding information or materials presented on this portal. Thank you.