When planning an event it is important to be aware of how to create an event that is open and accessible to everyone. This can include considering visual, hearing, and physical accessibility to meeting areas and facilities, or to the information conveyed during the event itself and/or when creating a space that is safe and considerate of a wide range of abilities.


  • Contact Student Services, Office of Disability Services to determine whether your event is designed to meet a diverse group (recommended by Disability Services)
  • When advertising events, help participants feel welcome by including the following phrase to allow individuals to contact you if special accommodations are required:
    • If you require specific accommodations for this event please contact __________ (your contact info).
  • It is important to be aware of the accessibility of the room and/or venue that the event is held at or in.
  • Inquire about transportation accessibility
  • Inquire about the use of interpreters
  • When showing any television or video footage at your event, include closed-captioning or subtitles (or you can hire interpreters).

There are costs affiliated with most of the above services, so inquire about expenses and ensure that you have budgeted for these accommodations.

For more information regarding accessibility for people with disabilities please contact:

Student Services, Office of Disability Services
Phone 909.607.9448

Please contact Jason Espinoza at jason.espinoza@cgu.edu or Darlene Bradley at darlene.bradley@cgu.edu  with any suggestions or comments regarding information or materials presented on this portal. Thank you.