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Alejandra Gaytan
Alejandra Gaytan
Assistant VP for Human Resources

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Here at CGU we are committed to providing a meaningful and engaging work experience for our employees. We want to ensure that we recognize the hard work and dedication our employees commit to our organization every day. The Flame Awards Program is a way for faculty and staff to show their appreciation for each other’s hard work. At CGU, we want our employees to know their dedication to excellence has not gone unnoticed. Through the Flame Awards Program, faculty and staff can nominate their co-workers to receive awards and gifts to show their appreciation. The Flame Awards Program is a way for CGU to let our employees know that we appreciate them. Without our amazing employees, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish our mission of educating the brightest students in our community. We hope through this program that our employees know how special they are to the University and its community.

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