CGU seeks to help its staff members gain job-specific or general knowledge, skills, and abilities; establish meaningful contacts with colleagues within and outside of CGU; and impart industry-specific best practices. To that end, CGU will invest in a series of on-campus trainings each year, and will also prioritize off-campus training opportunities. Each July, the HR Office will send out a request to each dean, director, and vice President, asking for general topics and recommendations for training for staff in that area.If you have any questions about professional development, please reach out to Alejandra Gaytan at 909-607-4404 or


CGU Staff Training Calendar 2023



I’m Too Busy to Eat Healthy – 2/27/2023 Recording found Here


How to Support Mental Health in Family and Friends – 3/13/2023- Recording Found Here

How to Work With Difficult Customers – 3/28/2023


How to build Workplace Motivation and Morale in the Workplace – 4/13/2023

How to Build Succesful Teams – 4/25/2023


How to Work with Difficult Customers – 5/11/2023

How to Create Passion and Motivation in the Workplace – 5/26/2023


Making Time for Fitness – 6/8/2023

Coping with Traumatic Events – 6/23/2023


How to Make the Most of Feedback

How to Understand and Develop Emotional Intelligence


Creating a Healthier Lifestyle

How to Beat Fatigue and Sleep Better


How to Make the Most of Feedback

How to Overcome Negativity in the Workplace


Making the Holidays Happier

How to Build Customer Satisfaction


Relaxation Techniques


Managing Family and Relationships