What is Risk Management Week?

Risk Management Week, or Risky Business Week, is a week dedicated to highlighting the importance of risk management on campus and helping risk managers spread the word about good risk management practices among their colleagues.

Risky Business features a weeklong webinar series, but it’s also about creating a forum for non-risk managers to learn about the importance of local, state and federal regulations, common risks on college and university campuses, and what non-risk managers can do to advance effective risk practices on their campuses.

Click the links below to view the webinar PowerPoints that were gone over each day. When the links to the audio recordings become available they will be posted here too.

Monday 11.7.16 Volunteer Policy Handout

Tuesday 11.8.16 Drones Handout

Tuesday 11.8.16 Drones 2nd Handout

Wednesday 11.9.16 Food Allergy

Thursday 11.10.16 RiskCommittees Handouts

Friday 11.11.16 Facilities Handouts