Image of M. Gloria González-Morales M. Gloria González-Morales (she, her/s, ella)

M. Gloria González-Morales, is an associate professor of psychology and director of the Worker Wellbeing (WW) Lab at CGU. The WW Lab is a feminist research lab that welcomes scholars interested in employee health, flourishing, and belonging through the disciplines of occupational health psychology and positive organizational psychology. Read more…


Associate Director

Image of Shelby LamarShelby Lamar (they/them)

Shelby earned their undergraduate degree from the University of Oklahoma. They then earned a Master of Arts in Religion and are currently working towards a Master of Science in Psychology at Arizona State University. Concurrently, Shelby is completing their PhD dissertation at Claremont Graduate University. Since 2019, Shelby has been associated with the Center for Academic & Faculty Excellence at Claremont Graduate University, aiding staff, alumni, graduate students, and faculty in adopting inclusion and equity-driven methodologies in higher education. With a rich experience in teaching both graduate and undergraduate students across diverse fields, Shelby’s research delves into the integration of artificial intelligence in pedagogy, innovative higher education assessment methods, departmental evaluations, and fostering equitable teaching practices.


Admin. Assistant

image of Gavriella RubinGavriella Rubin (she/her)

Gavriella Rubin (she/her) is a PhD candidate in Positive Organizational Psychology at Claremont Graduate University (CGU). She is passionate about understanding stress, burnout, structural interventions for improved well-being, and Humanistic approaches to psychology. Gavriella received her BS in Applied Psychology from New York University (NYU) and MA in Yoga Studies with a focus on Yoga Therapy from Loyola Marymount University (LMU). After completing her bachelor’s degree, Gavriella worked as a TA in Positive Psychology and Meaningful Leadership at NYU and subsequently Yoga and Theology at LMU. Outside of academia, Gavriella teaches yoga and meditation in and around Los Angeles.


Adjunct Faculty

image of Tamar SalibianTamar Salibian (she/her)

I’m told that when I was an infant, I would lean forward in my stroller with eyes wide open, surveying my surroundings intently. I find that this image of quietly and keenly watching and listening best reflects how I approach teaching, learning, and co-creating as an educator, scholar, and artist.

I’m a first-generation American-born daughter of Armenian immigrants. I hold a BFA in photography from MassArt and an MFA in Film/Video from CalArts. I earned a Media and Cultural Studies PhD from Claremont Graduate University (CGU) in 2020. That year, I also earned a Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) Teaching Certificate from CGU.

My professional experience ranges from film and reality TV post-production to archives and media photo research and project management to managing social media for higher education to teaching high school, undergrad, and graduate courses. A recent career highlight was co-facilitating a high school course on the intersections of fandom, social media, and activism. With an emphasis on media literacy, ethical pedagogy, and active learning, I aim to foster an environment of psychological safety, and the more I learn, the more questions I have.

In addition to my academic work, I teach dance-fitness classes online and I am involved in health equity activism.


Teaching Fellows

Image of Jonathan AragonJonathan Aragon (he/him)

Hi, I’m Jonathan, it is a pleasure to meet you. I call myself a teacher-scholar-leader. The concept of adding the dash between teacher and scholar is borrowed from Kenneth P. Ruscio. I use these dashes to indicate that these are not separate but linked. My scholarship is part of my teaching and my teaching is a part of my scholarship. I add in “Leader” to indicate my advocacy for social justice, and how that too, is not separate from, but a part of my teaching and scholarship. I am tempted to add “artist” since I am always involved in something creative and playful, but that would break the rule of three.

My philosophy on teaching is that student flourishing, and societal good, can be achieved through teaching that is authentic, student-centered, evidenced-based, and community-driven, with an ethical, transdisciplinary future-focus.

I am a doctoral (Ph.D.) student in health promotion sciences and my research seeks to promote well-being through positive professional development, implicit teaching, and transforming education culture.

Working with students and alumni continues to make me a better person and professional. With each class/ coaching session/ webinar, I glean from diverse personal and disciplinary perspectives that enrich my own life and discipline.

I am very proud to be a part of the CAFE team, which continues to provide transformative experiences for our higher education community.

Image of Sarah AburaisiDr. Sarah Aburaisi (she/her) is an experienced professional in the field of dental education. She is currently pursuing her doctoral degree in Public Health with a focus in leadership and management at Claremont Graduate University. Her educational background includes a BA in Dentistry from King Saud University, an MSc in Prosthodontics from University of Dundee, and a Certificate of Medical Education from University of Dundee.
Sarah has served various leadership and academic roles as an assistant professor in the dental college of REU. She has also made significant contributions to the field of dental education as a researcher, with several publications in peer-reviewed journals.
Sarah’s research interests are diverse, which include dental public health, health outreach for elderly, pedagogy, education, blockchain and healthcare integration, andragogy, equity in the classroom, web3 & education and NFTs in education. She is a passionate academic who is committed to inspiring educators and making a positive difference in the field of education. Sarah is proud to be part of the CAFE team.

Image of Eric Ignacio ThomasEric Ignacio Thomas (he/him/el) is a Cultural Studies PhD student at Claremont Graduate University (CGU) with a focus on transnational theory, cultural heritage humanities, and Latino/a/x studies. Employing the method of oral history, he investigates the cultural influence on transnational Colombian adoptees. Possessing a BA in English Literature from UC Berkeley and an MA in Education from the University of Redlands, he, a native of Bogotá, Colombia and a transnational adoptee himself, approaches the culmination of his doctoral qualification process. Simultaneously, he serves as a Teaching Fellow at CGU’s Center for Academic & Faculty Excellence (CAFE), building upon prior contributions as a graduate assistant within the Office of Student Life, Diversity, & Leadership. Previously at the helm of the CGU Podcast “Latinx in the Inland Empire,” Eric adeptly entwines scholarly pursuits, personal narratives, and outreach, foreshadowing a poised impact on the spheres of Cultural Studies and cultural heritage humanities.

Emeritus Teaching Fellows

Holly Eva Allen
Holly Eva Allen
Lizbeth Bayardo Cardenas
Lizbeth Bayardo Cardenas
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Catherine Conner
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Elizabeth Craigg-Walker
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Sarah Eckert
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Jessica Knippel
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Noah Ringler

Founding Director (2013-2022)

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Shamini Dias