Director: M. Gloria González-Morales
Associate Director:
Shelby D. Lamar
Phone: (909) 607-9924
Office: 145 E. 12th St. Claremont, CA 91711
Social Media: LinkedIn, Instagram, & YouTube
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About CAFE Appointments

Our appointment services provide tailored support that embodies our commitment to promoting equity-oriented and inclusive approaches, reflecting our continuous effort to spread community belonging. Engage with us for assistance in writing teaching philosophy and diversity statements, designing courses, syllabi, facilitation techniques, and more.

Appointments are free and open to CGU faculty, graduate students, staff, and alumni.

CAFE Flexible Appointment Options

Choose from online, in-person, and asynchronous document review appointments. If you can’t find a time that works for your schedule email us at to set up other options.

Faculty appointments with the CAFE Director

CGU faculty who wish to make an appointment with our Faculty Director, Dr. M. Gloria Gonzalez-Morales (, can click here.