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As a student at Claremont Graduate University, you have the unique opportunity to earn three certifications for free. The professionalism certifications demonstrate that you have learned important information about services, policies, and skills that will help prepare you to work at CGU and other institutions of higher learning.

The certifications are available on Canvas to any CGU student for free, just email CAFE@cgu.edu for access.

Professionalism Certifications

By completing modules in the Canvas site, you can earn up to three professionalism certifications:

  1. Student Services Professionalism Certification: This certification will equip you with a comprehensive understanding of various student service departments.
  2. Leadership Professionalism Certification: This certification is designed for those aiming to become student organization leaders.
  3. Academic Professionalism Certification: This certification is tailored for those striving to excel in TA positions. We’ll guide you through the expectations, the importance of professionalism, effective communication, grading policies, teamwork, time management, and how to use Canvas and Zoom effectively.

Student Worker Required Training

If you are hired by a faculty member or staff member to work at CGU, you must complete mandatory training sessions that will prepare you to follow CGU policies and meet legal requirements. These training sessions are completed in Vector and then you upload each certificate to the Canvas training site for verification. Have your supervisor email CAFE@cgu.edu to give you access to the required trainings.