Director: M. Gloria González-Morales
Associate Director:
Shelby D. Lamar
Phone: (909) 607-9924
Office: 145 E. 12th St. Claremont, CA 91711
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What is the Center for Academic & Faculty Excellence (CAFE)?

The Center for Academic & Faculty Excellence (CAFE) is a space, a time, and an intention and purpose to nurture and develop inclusive excellence. At the CAFE the members of the academic community:

  1. learn best practices on how to develop our inclusive excellence further
  2. develop a mindset of academic and faculty excellence
  3. connect with similar-minded people to experience belonging
  4. practice inclusion and equity-oriented approaches to spread community belonging

Inclusive excellence is recognizing that an institution’s success depends on how well it values, engages, and includes​ the rich diversity of its community: students, staff, faculty, administrators, and alumni.

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