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Transdisciplinary Studies Office

Director: Andrew Vosko, PhD
Assistant Director: Richard Ross

135 East 12th Street
Claremont, CA 91711
909 / 607 – 0724


What Is Transdisciplinarity?

The Transdisciplinary Studies Program at CGU enables University scholars to collaborate and innovate around society’s most complex issues, offering students opportunities to construct, blend, and transcend traditional academic fields so they may shape their individualized courses of study to extend beyond disciplinary boundaries.

What Is Transdisciplinarity?

Transdisciplinarity is a collaborative effort that sits on the spectrum of cross-disciplinary approaches. At CGU, transdisciplinarity is defined by:

  • Working around a complex problem important to society.
  • Inclusion of diverse stakeholders working together toward and re-framing a resolution of that problem.
  • Disciplinary self-reflection that is both cultural and professional, with reflective judgment and negotiation driving the collaborative process.
  • Innovative approaches emerging from the collaborative process.