Our podcasts showcase our commitment to transdisciplinarity at Claremont Graduate University from supporting research for positive social transformation from tackling wicked problems in a post-normal world to how we connect and collaborate. Don’t miss this opportunity too learn more about how Claremont Graduate University students and faculty and others are advancing research on transdisciplinarity.

PostNormal Times

PostNormal Times is a podcast for our complex reality and unpredictable world—a world where the stakes are high and innovation is crucial. Andrew Vosko, PhD, associate provost and director of transdisciplinary studies at Claremont Graduate University, and his guests explore ideas that transcend traditional academic boundaries and address our most pressing needs. Get ready to challenge your assumptions.

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Sharing Air

Sharing Air is a podcast that takes a transdisciplinary look at how we connect, even in isolation. In each episode, we explore our complex relationship with the essential yet precarious medium of air as we share stories that bring us together in these times of distance and transformation.

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