How do you create real change?

Whether we are scientists, artists, humanists, or entrepreneurs, real change requires us to embrace uncertainty and seek answers with a different set of eyes and tools. Complex problems call for new ways of thinking.

The MA in Transdisciplinary Analysis is a degree program for shaping positive change. When you take on a transdisciplinary challenge, you expand your imagination and creativity to build positive futures. You become the person who makes sustainable change, transforms institutions, and scales solutions for the greater good. You learn to “unstick” dilemmas, so crises become opportunities.

  • Cross Boundaries: Encounter, exchange, and work across disciplines, beyond academia, with different stakeholders. Integrate diverse knowledge.
  • Collaborate to Create: Work with peers and with community partners to unstick complex issues and explore creative opportunities.
  • Disrupt to Build: Challenge, redesign, and transform current systems to build solutions for positive impact.
  • Design for Justice: Create approaches that are responsive, future-focused, and justice-oriented.

When our creativity engages complexity, when our disruption becomes design, and when our passion integrates purpose, our solutions matter. Our work transforms.

Program Highlights

  • Transdisciplinary Learning Model: Integrate electives from various university departments and work in teams to develop cross-disciplinary collaboration and communication skills. Thrive in a professional peer community, where you learn from each other, share expertise, engage in peer mentoring, and create lasting networks.
  • Complexity Skills and Mindsets: Explore non-linear, interconnected aspects of institutional, social, and global systems, and understand how they contribute to knowledge and practice. Develop skills that enable you to engage effectively in our rapidly changing world.
  • Aligned with Your Interests: Choose from elective pathways such as Leadership, Education, Social Impact, History and Cultural Issues, Evaluation, Innovation, Media, Research, Data Storytelling, or develop your own focal areas with our advising process.
  • Shape Your Future: Experience a flexible format through a mix of residential and online courses. Engage in authentic learning with foundations micro-courses, electives from across the university, and intentional personal and professional development in partnership with CGU’s Career and Professional Development Office. Create a professional portfolio showcasing your skills and achievements, preparing you for future career opportunities or academic pursuits.

You can easily combine the MA in Transdisciplinary Analysis with another Master’s degree at CGU to earn a Dual Degree to enhance your career development and marketability with significant cost savings.

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