Take Note

CGU students get discounts at various businesses in the village. Acme Dry Cleaning and Some Crust are just a few. Most businesses will have some signage on their window for student discounts, but if not it doesn’t hurt to ask.

CGU students have access to the dining commons at the other 5C’s. Some only take Claremont Cash or only take Visa, so be sure to have some Claremont Cash (roughly $7-9/person) loaded and a visa card at your disposal. Collins Dining Hall at CMC and Scripps Dining Hall are nationally ranked, so if you get the chance check them out.

Manage your Claremont Cash here: https://cards.services.claremont.edu/

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact the GSC?

You can email the general email account at president.gsc@cgu.edu. Individual member emails can be found on the GSC Home page in the right-hand bar. 

How do I join a committee?

Email the GSC at president.gsc@cgu.edu or email the committee chair directly.

How do I become a GSC member?

If there is an open position on the GSC in your school, please email president.gsc@cgu.edu with your request to join.

How do I add an item to the agenda?

Email the GSC President at president.GSC@cgu.edu with the request. Please give us 48 hours advance notice.