GSC Executive Board

Arline Votruba

Christina Kolias

Taryn Moore

Ximena Martinez

GSC Space Location
Ron W. Burkle Building, Suite 101
1021 N. Dartmouth Avenue
Claremont, CA 91711

GSC 2021 Theme

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The 2020-2021 GSC is proud to announce that our theme for this year is Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. We recognize that in representing and defending the welfare of the student body, it is critical to foster a sense of community and inclusion. In addition to our commitment to representing the perspectives of our diverse constituents with equality, integrity, respect, and transparency, the GSC strives to empower our students, enhance their quality of life and general well-being, while acknowledging that achieving such goals looks different for each student. The CGU GSC continuously strives to be approachable, empowering, reliable, respectful, and visionary by promoting a culture of connectivity, both on-campus and virtually. In doing so, we wish to emphasize GSC’s unwavering devotion to devising student success strategies that aim to rectify any visible inequities and opportunity gaps affecting our constituents. The GSC is proud to be actively and collectively engaged in the national dialogue surrounding critical issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Embedded into the fabric of the GSC lies its heartfelt commitment to student success and well-being at CGU to ensure every student’s flame is shining at its brightest, always. 

What are we doing about it?

  • We have hired a Constitutional Technical Writer/Consultant to collaborate with the GSC Constitution Committee. Their collective mission has been to update our GSC Constitution and By-Laws to better represent our diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. We are moving towards a collaborative organization that prioritizes an even distribution of power and emphasizes serving our diverse student body as the GSC’s key priority.
  • Our Council continues to strive to provide students information at our general meetings, through our website, social media, monthly newsletters, and email communications about CGU resources to help connect our student body with the offices and campus resources that will help them succeed at CGU, both academically and personally.
  • The GSC is in the process of planning events that will center conversations about DEI and provide opportunities to learn from faculty and students across disciplines about what the buzzwords actually mean and what DEI looks like in practice.
  • The GSC has appointed two Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion representatives. The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion representatives are responsible for representing diversity-based student associations and bring recommendations or concerns to the GSC Council. If you would like to get in touch with GSC regarding any of GSC DEI efforts, work, or bring forward any concerns please contact the GSC Secretary and DEI Representative, Ximena Martinez at

Get Involved in the GSC

We invite and encourage all graduate students to get involved with the Graduate Student Council. Whatever your interest, skills, or background might be, there is a place on the Council for you to explore your interests while networking and learning new things. You can participate regardless of your time commitments – involvement could entail simply coming to our meetings, or you may decide to become more active and remain involved for your entire graduate career at CGU! The best way to become involved is to attend our meetings! They provide students a platform to voice their feedback and ideas and gain exposure to the workings of CGU. Check our meetings page to see when the next one is.

Join a Project or Committee

Volunteer to be part of a committee or project with GSC. The GSC has five internal committees for student projects and has representatives on several faculty and administrative committees.

Become a Representative or Delegate

Department representatives and delegates serve to understand the graduate student body’s needs and convey those needs to the CGU administration and faculty. To nominate yourself or someone you know for an open position, email us at

Give Us Feedback

If you cannot attend our GSC General Meetings or Committee meetings, you can still get involved with the GSC by giving feedback and comments about particular issues that you think need to be addressed or ideas you would like to see developed. Email us at We encourage you to contact us and let us know if you have a question or think there is something additional the GSC could do to improve graduate student life and learning at CGU.