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Arline Votruba

Christina Kolias

Francis Assenga

Holly Eva Allen

Avalon Whalen

Krista Kae Parino

GSC Space Location
Ron W. Burkle Building, Suite 101
1021 N. Dartmouth Avenue
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Graduate Student Council 2021-2022


Bridging the Gap

The 2021-2022 GSC is proud to announce that our theme for this year is Bridging the Gap. This year the Graduate Student Council centers their efforts around the theme of “Bridging the Gap” as a way to move forward after a challenging and unanticipated year facing a global pandemic, growing consciousness of systemic racism, and navigating the new normal of a virtual reality. We are concerned with continuing our efforts to provide accessible engagement to our student body through integrating a hybrid approach to our future as a GSC by providing virtual and in-person options for participating with us. Additionally, we will continue last year’s Council’s efforts to bridge the gap between students and the CGU Administration as well as develop partnerships with student-centered campus offices and groups to help reconnect the community after the recent challenges which made it hard for many to feel engaged. The quarantine emphasized vulnerabilities in our structures and demonstrated gaps that CGU and GSC can fill in order to better serve our student body, both in-person and virtually. We will continue to bolster last year’s emphasis on DEI by continuing our commitment to accessibility as part of the foundation of the work that we do as a Student Council.

What are we doing about it?

  • We intend to continue fostering relationships and partnerships with student organizations on campus. We can serve as a collaborator to co-host and co-sponsor events, programming, and opportunities that will promote student success, both academically and professionally.
  • We will maintain last year’s Council’s initiative to send monthly newsletters in order to inform and engage students with the GSC and other CGU community happenings.
  • We will continue to share and engage with the CGU community through social media.
  • We will create a GSC Podcast in order to offer students opportunities to engage with GSC on demand and to learn more about their campus community without the pressure to register for another Zoom or to attend at a particular time.

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