Active GSC Committees

Currently, the Graduate Student Council has four standing committees. Each committee is chaired by an officer of the Executive Board and directed by a GSC member who is elected to the position from within the committee. Any student may join a GSC committee; to do so, please email us at

  • Annual Projects Committee develops and supports advocacy initiatives, volunteer recognition, and oversees commencement student speaker search and the GSC House.
    • Chair: Frederick Johnson
    • Arline Votruba
    • Francis Assenga
    • Cindy Cheng
    • Student Affairs & Events Committee
  • Budget Committee oversees committee and council spending, including the Travel and Material Awards process, reviews, and provides recommendations to the general counsel for budget proposals for events, projects, and clubs.
    • Chair: Franscis Assenga
  • Constitution Committee reviews and updates the constitution, by-laws, and handbook; provide checks and balance system for the executive board.
    • Chair: Arline Votruba
    • Secretary: Cindy Cheng
    • Student Affairs & Events Committee
  • Student Affairs & Events Committee plans and executes social, academic, professional development and collaborative events for the student body; and oversees club application process.
    • Chair: Cindy Cheng

The GSC sometimes creates an Ad Hoc Committee to fulfill a specific purpose, and it is disbanded after the project is completed or the academic year comes to a close.