GSC Standing Committees

Student Affairs Committee

The Student Affairs Committee is charged with connecting with different student-led groups and organizations across campus to find opportunities to promote campus-wide events and collaborate when possible. The Student Affairs Committee can additionally serve as a touchstone for student orgs to communicate with the larger GSC. The committee will be given charges from the executive board and they are expected to create  and execute a strategy to fulfill the charges in order to achieve the goals of the committee for that year.

Constitution Committee

The Constitution Committee is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that all Constitutional obligations are met by the GSC. Additionally, the Constitution Committee is responsible for reviewing and updating the constitution as needed.

Annual Projects Committee

The Annual Projects Committee is charged with event planning with a central focus on programming that centers around the current GSC theme and initiatives.

Election Committee

The Elections Committee is charged with preparing and executing GSC elections. The Election Committee chair shall be elected during the first meeting of the fall semester by the Council and shall be ineligible to run for an executive office position during their term.

Budget Committee

The Budget Committee is charged with maintaining a balanced GSC budget. The Council shall appoint the Budget Committee members at the first meeting of the fall semester. The treasurer shall chair the Budget Committee.