Get Involved in the GSC

We invite and encourage all graduate students to get involved with the Graduate Student Council. Whatever your interest, skills, or background might be, there is a place on the Council for you to explore your interests while networking and learning new things. You can participate regardless of your time commitments – involvement could entail simply coming to our meetings, or you may decide to become more active and remain involved for your entire graduate career at CGU! The best way to become involved is to attend our meetings! They provide students a platform to voice their feedback and ideas and gain exposure to the workings of CGU. Check our meetings page to get information about attending a meeting.

Join a Project or Committee

Volunteer to be part of a committee or project with GSC. The GSC has multiple internal committees for student projects and has representatives on several faculty and administrative committees.

Become a Representative

Department representatives serve to understand the graduate student body’s needs and convey those needs to the CGU administration and faculty. To nominate yourself or someone you know for an open position, email us at

Give Us Feedback

If you cannot attend our GSC General Meetings or Committee meetings, you can still get involved with the GSC by giving feedback and comments about particular issues that you think need to be addressed or ideas you would like to see developed. Email us at We encourage you to contact us and let us know if you have a question or think there is something additional the GSC could do to improve graduate student life and learning at CGU.