PhD, Claremont University (CISAT), 2021
MS, Boston University, (CIS) 2016
BA, Marquette University, (ECON) 1994

Global Executive with a demonstrated career track record of integrating people, processes, and technology through passion, courage, and integrity. Frederick is a global leader in World Class Manufacturing with the ability to build, develop, and direct high-performance international teams, and accomplished at driving the design, architecture, and enhancement of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) to support operational demands.

Recognized for strengths in leading large-scale manufacturing IT transformation efforts in collaboration with cross-functional leaders, overseeing the vision, strategy, capacity, risk, and cost efficiencies to ensure adherence to best-in-class industry standards. Expertise in aligning technical strategy with business and manufacturing plans, introducing continuous improvement, and initiating program success.


Frederick Johnson

Greetings everyone! For those of you who may not know me, my name is Frederick Johnson, and I am a 3rd year Ph.D. student, in the CISAT program, with an emphasis on IT Innovation and Design. Much of my experience is related to IT Leadership within the Biotech and Life Sciences industries, responsible for building, developing, and directing high-performance global teams.

However, over the next year, I look forward to passionately representing our graduate student community. I pledge to apply my industry expertise of “Integrating people, processes, and technology through passion, courage, and integrity” within the greater CGU community I attend.

More importantly, in this golden age of innovation, I would also support the advancement of an on-campus maker-space dedicated to (a) Student-driven start-up opportunities, and (b) CGU sponsored idea to market programs.

And within the broader context of serving students, I would direct much of my attention on (1) Serving as an advocate in transforming the association between the Claremont colleges into a collaborative relationship, while honoring our belief of many lamps, one light, (2) Building stronger bonds between industry, and students that fosters entrepreneurial, research and employment opportunities. And finally, (3) Working with our students in seeking ways to strengthen the CGU brand altogether.

My objective is simple, “Help develop a system where each student has the opportunity to enjoy their CGU experience through Exposure, Practice, and applicable Insight.”