August 13, 2020

TNDY 305 – Global Leadership

Nasdag Welcomes Global Buisness Leader Ryan Patel

Register for our new course with Senior Drucker Fellow, Ryan Patel

We are now offering a new transdisciplinary course with Drucker School of Management Senior Fellow, Ryan Patel, a world-renowned go-to authority on global business, political economy and corporate governance. Global Leadership will explore what global leadership means and how it is practiced in today’s business world and beyond.

TNDY 305 – Global Leadership
Module 2, Online, Asynchronous, Saturday 10:00 – 12:00PM, with two additional online synchronous meetings on Saturday 11/14 & 12/12, 10:00AM – 12:00PM
2 – Units

We created this learning experience for students to boundary cross outside their native academic environments. This course aims to help students by addressing important trends in the changing global landscape, cultivating global mindsets to help make strategic decisions, and preparing individuals to lead organizations in our interconnected world.

Course learning outcomes:

  • Diagnose the effective and ineffective ways companies look to scale globally
  • Provide the necessary tools and foundation for each individual in building a global mindset
  • Highlight the different approaches and ways to be more inclusive of the interconnectivity that global leadership provides from/through all industries

Textbooks or other required resources (external): none

Audience: CGU students interested in global markets, inclusive of Drucker audiences but not limited to business. As an elective for Drucker degrees (leadership), public health, transdisciplinary studies, CISAT.