Join online discussions with professionals and the Claremont Colleges Community

Participate in a groundbreaking project about artificial intelligence at the Claremont Colleges. This initiative is at the heart of our commitment to academic innovation, and we are eager to incorporate your insights into our exploration of  bridging the AI gap between academia and professionals. 

Attend an online lunch panel to learn from professionals who are using AI in their jobs. You will have time to converse and discuss with other students and professors.

Friday April 12th at noon

Business Panelists 

Ferass Haghour is a seasoned expert in business development and growth within the blockchain, Web3, and cryptocurrency sectors. With an MBA and extensive experience in leveraging artificial intelligence for growth marketing, Ferass has a proven track record of using AI to analyze market trends, optimize customer engagement, and drive strategic initiatives. His expertise offers valuable insights into how AI can catalyze sustainable growth and operational efficiency across industries. 
Heather Sundell Reed. With over 15 years of experience telling digital stories for brands and executive leaders, Heather a sharp communicator and facilitator who uses storytelling to meet creative business objectives and build positive corporate culture. A master at translating ideas into language that overcomes organizational challenges, Heather brings her experience as an essayist, comedic improviser, and live storyteller into innovative communications strategy and execution. She partners with, and coaches, executives, entrepreneurs, and leaders in their industry to elevate their expertise and learnings through creative non-fiction storytelling. Heather is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Positive Organizational Psychology at CGU. Her research interest lies in making connections between personal storytelling and transformational leadership. 
Bergsveinn Olafsson is a Ph.D. student in Positive Organizational Psychology at Claremont Graduate University. He is the Manager of the Leader and Organizational Lab (LOV) and also the driving force behind Novem, an innovative AI wellness coaching software. Beggi is an accomplished coach, public speaker, and book author. 
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Wednesday April 24th at noon

STEM  Panelists

Paola Rosenberg is a first-generation Latina STEMinist, teacher, and Ph.D. student who leverages her passions for education, science, and technology to empower students and drive positive changes in learning spaces. As an alumna of Anaheim Union High School District (AUHSD), she finds immense pride in her ongoing service to the community and returned to her alma mater as a science teacher in 2011. In addition to her role as a classroom educator, Paola champions the development of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Career and Technical Education (CTE) Pathway and serves as the Exclusive Pathway AI Coordinator for AUHSD. In these roles, Paola actively cultivates networking opportunities for budding STEMist students by fostering internships with prominent local organizations, such as the CEO Leadership Alliance of Orange County (CLAOC) and Ernst & Young (EY). Paola’s diligence and contributions have been acknowledged by numerous local and national organizations. In 2022, she was nominated as an Orange County Teacher of the Year, and her dedication and innovative spirit were recognized by the Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teacher (PAEMST). Furthermore, her journey is a testament to the synergy of education and technology, providing impetus for her future research pursuits exploring the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the future educational landscape. 
Igor Suarez-Sola is a software engineer, Astronomy who works at NSF’s NOIRLab Astro Data Lab science platform. Igor joined the Data Lab team in April 2021. Originally trained as a VLSI Physicist at University of Manchester & Universidad de La Laguna, he has spent his entire professional career in software development, spanning from investment banking to Astronomy. He is involved in a wide range of projects from batch electronic trade confirmation pipelines, to the Virtual Solar Observatory to instruments software (SOLIS, Lucifer) to Observation tools (Gemini/LBT).  
Mikail H Khan is a deep learning practitioner, software engineer, and emerging technologies analyst with 6 years of experience in natural language processing. In 2019, he became a recipient of the Machine Intelligence Research Institute’s AI Safety Retraining Grant and began researching the development of safely-scalable deep reinforcement learning algorithms. Following this grant, he received funding to conduct research into forecasting capability growth in emerging technologies from private philanthropists in the Effective Altruism community upon recommendation from the Open Philanthropy Project’s Global Catastrophic Risks department. He later transitioned into private consulting, where he has worked to assist clients such as the Center for Disease Control with generative AI application development and AI strategy on behalf of BRSai as their lead AI implementation and strategy consultant.
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Friday April 26th at noon

AI as your co-worker

Jesse Goldman is a creative director and graphic designer with 20 years of experience working for network TV, content studios, non-profits, animation studios, and one time was commissioned to make a gag Christmas gift for Rian Johnson. Throughout his career, he’s straddled the world of design and entertainment, hired to do everything from developing branding systems for Apple to acting as head writer for a South Korean animated superhero show. my LinkedIn is 
Robert Klitgaard is a University Professor at CGU, where he served as President from 2005-9. Formerly Dean of the Pardee RAND Graduate School and a professor at Harvard and Yale, Bob consults around the world on government reform and economic strategy. His 14 books include Policy Analysis for Big Issues: Confronting Corruption, Elitism, Inequality, and Despair (2023). His Tropical Gangsters was named one of the New York Times’ Books of the Century. Bob is a member of the World Economic Forum Impact Circle on Artificial Intelligence and runs workshops on AI for leaders, evaluators, and professors in the United States, Latin America, and Asia.  
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Your participation as Claremont Colleges faculty and students is crucial to the success of this initiative, helping us shape our academic programs to better align with real-world demands and preparing students for future success. We would be honored to have you contribute your valuable insights and help guide the educational journey of our future leaders.

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