Our commitment is specific to our positions as writing consultants and centered in tangible action. Here at the CWR, we centralize antiracism in our approaches to tutoring and other duties of the writing center, including workshops, retreats, and recruitment of employees. We affirm a commitment to:  

1. Centralize antiracist pedagogy and praxis in the CWR’s writing center philosophy 

  • Redesign hiring processes and consultant training to centralize antiracism with training materials and embracing diversity in writing
  • Adjust materials surrounding tutor sessions to reflect this change in pedagogy (information on website and in the center, appointment forms, follow-up materials, etc.) 

2. Challenge the uses of “Standard American English” in writing instruction in higher education 

  • Challenge discriminatory practices that police forms of writing and speaking 
  • Uphold collaboration in writing sessions and refrain from copy editing or adhering to racist and discriminatory definitions of formal and graduate writing 

3. Develop a formal outreach program that prioritizes reaching marginalized groups at the university  

  • Engage with student groups as part of a regular outreach process, designed by a student leader at the center 
  • Conduct visits to as wide a range of classes as possible 
  • Develop the networks to more actively recruit underrepresented groups at the university 

4. Maintain the CWR as a safe space, both physically and virtually, to include antiracism  

  • Prominently post and share the Anti-Oppression Statement in the physical center and on the website once it is developed 
  • Clearly display more safe space signage that represents a wider range of social groups online and in the physical center 

5. Stay open to accountability and feedback  

  • Continue learning from the challenges and success of this process and make changes whenever necessary 
  • Conduct regular assessment to evaluate the appropriateness of the executed programs 
  • Welcome direct feedback on the CWR and its programs and resources 

6. Collaborate with offices, departments, and individuals at the university in support of antiracist causes 

  • Support antiracist initiatives by, and develop antiracist projects in collaboration with, the Committee on Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, the Office of Student Life, Diversity, & Leadership, student identity groups, and others